Concentrated Solar Power: Heating Up India's Solar Thermal Market under the National Solar Mission

Solar power can play a significant role in a secure and diversified energy future for India as the country becomes a hub for solar projects. More specifically, concentrated solar power (CSP) could have a unique role in India's energy mix. Its potential to use hybrid technologies and easily add storage could unlock dispatchable and base-load power, setting the stage for larger renewable energy penetration. Despite these advantages, much more needs to be done to scale up CSP sustainably.

As an addendum to our previous report on solar photovoltaic projects, Laying the Foundation for a Bright Future: Assessing Progress under Phase 1 of India's National Solar Mission, this report focuses on the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission's objectives, targets, and incentives for grid-connected CSP projects in India. This report presents findings and recommendations to strengthen the next phase of the Mission, drawing from extensive individual and group stakeholder discussions as well as research and analysis of national, state, and international programs.

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