Greener Construction Saves Money: Incentives for Energy Efficient Buildings Across India

India's growth over the past decade has led to economic progress and dramatic urbanization. India's continued economic development depends on providing more affordable, clean, and reliable energy and lessening the strain on current supplies, presenting an opportunity to real estate developers who can lock in energy and cost savings by building green.

Solutions and incentives exist to overcome most common barriers encountered by stakeholders, enabling developers to take advantage of energy efficiency's savings and benefits and construct green cities across India. Government officials -- from central to state and local levels -- can and should work with real estate developers to develop policy and regulatory incentives, and effective compliance mechanisms, to shift India's buildings market toward cost-saving, energy efficient buildings.

This issue brief lays out incentive mechanisms and opportunities to help developers overcome barriers to building green in India to achieve higher levels of energy efficiency, locking in cost and energy savings.

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