Resilient Seas: Why We Need to Protect 30 Percent of America’s Ocean by 2030

Credit: Brian J. Skerry/National Geographic

The ocean provides us with so much—including food, jobs, and recreation—but is now struggling to adapt to the impacts of human extractive activities and climate change. Warmer and more acidic than ever before, ocean conditions are driving marine life to search for cooler waters, helping fuel harmful algal blooms, and destroying important habitats like coral reefs. We must take real and immediate action to help our ocean.

Scientists are calling for the protection of at least 30 percent of the world’s lands, inland waters, and ocean areas by 2030 (“30x30”) to help safeguard our air and water quality, protect our food supply and health, and prevent mass wildlife extinctions. America must adopt and lead in the advancement of this global goal by fully or highly protecting 30 percent of our ocean areas by 2030 to provide the necessary sanctuaries for ocean wildlife to recover and thrive.

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