S. 1520 Would Undermine U.S. Fisheries and Fishermen

Credit: Damien Loverso/Alamy

The Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act (MSA) works to protect and rebuild U.S. ocean fish and shellfish populations. First enacted in 1976, the MSA requires fishermen from all sectors to fish sustainably and accountably. Since then, it has brought stocks of fish like black sea bass and yellowtail snapper back to healthy levels. However, the Senate is now considering S. 1520, a bill that would turn back the clock on the MSA and weaken accountability for recreational fishing. S.1520 would undermine the sustainability of our stocks, reduce the profitability of fishing businesses, and decrease fishing opportunities for all sectors.

If we want to protect our ocean fisheries and the communities that rely on them, we must maintain the MSA’s strong, science-based conservation measures that hold everyone accountable for what they take from the ocean.

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