Taking Energy Efficiency to New Heights: Analysis and Recommendations for the Buildings Sector from the Hyderabad Experience

This report by NRDC and the Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI) examines the significant energy efficiency potential of India's real estate sector through specific analysis of Hyderabad's commercial and high-rise building sector. The report provides an overview of energy efficiency programs in India; highlights the challenges and opportunities that the city of Hyderabad faces in implementing efficiency measures in a growing economy and how its experience compares with other cities; explores the specific benefits and barriers that energy-efficient construction presents for the various stakeholders involved; case studies from Hyderabad and internationally of efficiency initiatives, the obstacles faced, benefits derived, and lessons learned; and a roadmap for accelerating energy efficiency in buildings, laying out concrete action steps for each stakeholder group: federal and local governments, utilities, developers, tenants, financial institutions, skilled workers, vendors of efficiency products, and civil society.

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