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One Year After Hurricane Maria: A Retrospective

Expert BlogMekela Panditharatne
More federal funds are needed to ensure that the Puerto Rico's infrastructure can be rebuilt with strength and sustainability to withstand future hurricane seasons and protect its hard-fought progress toward recovery.

Pope’s Visit Highlights Gold Mining Problems—and Solutions

Expert BlogSusan Egan Keane
Over the last decade, miners have turned tens of thousands of hectares of once lush jungle into barren, sandy landscapes. Not visible but equally devastating is widespread contamination by mercury, a highly toxic chemical used by miners in the gold…

Small Water Systems in Puerto Rico Badly Affected by Maria

Expert BlogMekela Panditharatne
Assessments show that nearly half of Puerto Rico's small, independent water systems—that serve about 89,100 people—suffered from a significant deterioration in operational capacity several months after the storm, in some cases leading to a total inability to deliver water to…

A Nature-Based Solution: The Chihuahuan Grasslands

Expert BlogJessica Carey-Webb
Get to know one of the best nature-based solutions for combating climate change: the Chihuahuan grasslands! The largest desert in North America, this carbon sink is home to important wildlife and migratory birds.

COP25 Moves, Need for Climate Action in Chile Remains

Expert BlogCarolina Herrera, Amanda Maxwell
Even without hosting a COP in Santiago this December, Chile will need to advance a climate agenda locally as an integral part of addressing the inequities and pressing social demands these past two weeks have brought to the fore.