8 Things You Can Do to Help NRDC Fight Trump’s Agenda

Credit: Richard Mia

President Trump and the Republican-led Congress are recklessly crusading to wipe out America’s environmental safeguards, put the interests of polluters ahead of the health of our communities, and derail the global fight against climate change. We refuse to let this happen on our watch—but we need your help. Here’s how you can join the fight.

1. Make your voice heard.

Though President Trump has decided to pull the United States out of the Paris climate agreement, let him—and everyone else—know that you’re still in. And that you’re ready to fight any attempts to risk our health and environment for the sake of big polluters.

2. Donate.

Contribute to the Stop Trump Legal Fund to help our more than 500 lawyers, scientists, and policy experts fight back in court against the president’s assault on our air, land, and water.

3. Sign up.

Join our more than two million members and activists. We’ll send you updates and action alerts on in-progress battles via e-mail or text.

4. Stay vigilant.

Check out Trump Watch, NRDC’s official record of the administration’s environmental assault.

5. Call Congress.

Pick up the phone. Tell your representatives to vote against Trump’s anti-environment agenda and for clean air, clean water, and healthy communities.

6. Become a hometown activist.

Join a community environmental group or organize a neighborhood rally to advocate for renewable energy and sustainable practices in your hometown.

7. Spread the word.

Watch and share this message from NRDC's president, Rhea Suh.

8. Follow us.

Stay on top of the issues by finding us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.

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