EPA chief wants to stage a debate over climate science

Scott Pruitt hasn’t given up on his ridiculous suggestion from last month about staging a “red team vs. blue team” debate on the already widely-accepted scientific conclusions concerning the cause of climate change. The EPA administer is currently busy setting up his so-called “red team” whose challenge will be to debunk science. No word on the status of the “blue team,” whose members, one would imagine, are likely busy trying to do something about mitigating the huge global threat rather than playing games. The whole debate is, of course, ludicrous since climate science has already undergone rigorous peer-review over several decades. Pruitt’s stunt is a distraction at best, and at worst a cynical attempt to further delay meaningful policy actions to curb our dependence on fossil fuel. Regardless, the Trump administration is offering a platform for climate deniers at a time when America is lacking leadership, losing ground on climate action, and frankly, looking foolish.

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