Memo shows the White House's internal struggle over what to do about all that pesky climate change science

According to a recently released internal memo, White House officials strategized last year on the best way to deal with the mounting evidence for anthropogenic climate change being generated by our own government scientists. The memo, obtained by the Washington Post, depicts an administration deliberately calculating its climate denial strategy. The listed options? Stage a debate over climate change data, formally review the research under the Administrative Procedure Act, or....ignore the science. (It looks like the administration chose the latter.) Nowhere in the memo did the officials suggest dealing with the reality behind the findings―that we are causing our planet to warm, and we need to act fast. “The scientific evidence about accelerating effects of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is so strong, and so prevalent, that it would be impossible to hush it up even if you wanted to,” said Rush Holt, CEO of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. “Coral deaths and glacier melting and sea-level rise, and all of these things are just so well documented and there’s just new evidence every day, whether it’s from USGS, or NOAA, or NASA, or Department of Energy, or various academic institutions. It just can’t be swept under the rug.”

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