The Trump administration makes last-ditch effort to stop youth-led climate change case

Credit: Geoff Livingston/Flickr

After filing a petition last week meant to stop the landmark Juliana v United States climate change suit, the Trump administration appears to have gotten its way—at least for now. On Friday, the Supreme Court halted the case in order to review what's been called the federal government's "Hail Mary plea"—a rarely granted writ of mandamus petition that asks an appeals court to override a lower court before a verdict has been issued. Originally scheduled to begin next week, the high-profile case was brought by 21 young activists and the environmental organizations Earth Guardians and Our Children’s Trust. It hopes to prove that the federal government is violating the plaintiffs’ constitutional rights to life, liberty, and property by contributing significantly to climate change, largely through the continued support of fossil fuels. The policy implications of a win would be substantial: court-ordered, constitutionally required climate action. No wonder the Trump administration has been trying so frantically to stop it.

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