Trumps new tariffs on solar panel parts will raise costs and kill jobs


Just when America's solar energy industry was starting to really shine, the Trump administration slapped steep new tariffs on imported solar panel parts, which U.S. solar companies rely on to meet rapidly growing consumer demand at home. These import duties will kill jobs, increase carbon emissions, and drive up costs for consumers. The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently projected that the job of solar installer would be the fastest-growing occupation in our economy over the next decade, but unfortunately, Trump’s decision to impose tariffs on the industry puts that growth at risk. As even lawmakers from the president’s own party will tell you, Trump’s aggressive “America First” response to foreign competition could cost American jobs and escalate into a trade war. On the sunny side, homeowners and businesses have the opportunity to vote with their wallets and install solar in spite of the Trump administration’s attempts to undermine it.

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