It's time for public comment on oil shale production in the Rockies

Earlier this year, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar temporarily suspended new leasing of public lands for oil shale research, development and demonstration. We greatly appreciated his move to take a fresh look at the Bush Administration's giveaway to Big Oil. Secretary Salazar is now asking the public for input on what should happen next with the federal oil shale program -- targeted for some of the wildest lands in the Rocky Mountain region. 

NRDC is opposed to any more leasing for oil shale research, development and demonstration at this time. Too much is at stake -- our climate, precious water resources, and two million acres of wildlife habitat. We've seen what dirty fuels production has done to pristine Canadian wildlands where tar sands are being mined, and we don't want that for our western lands.

You can join NRDC by sending your own letter to Secretary Salazar at our BioGems website.

Update: This comment period is now closed.