Expanding Renewable Energy in India

The overall growth of renewable energy in India has been remarkable. India has achieved nearly 80 gigawatts of installed renewable energy, nearly doubling in the last five year. Yet, much more is needed to power India’s growing economy. To expand the renewable energy market in India, NRDC is excited to be at the Renewable Energy India Expo in New Delhi this week.

India’s power capacity is expected to grow six-fold from 356 gigawatts (GW) in 2018 to 2,300 GW by 2050, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance. As a result, India is projected to overtake the United States to become the second largest power system in the world behind China by 2044. Most estimates, including those from the central government, project this growth in power capacity to be met in large part through renewable energy, which is expected to reach more than 1000 GW by 2050.

Much of India’s projected clean energy growth is expected to come from large-scale projects such as solar parks. The India government just announced this week additional incentives for large solar parks. The Indian Solar Alliance (ISA) is also another significant opportunity to expand renewable energy by connecting India’s solar expertise with countries around the world. But India also needs to ramp up small scale distributed renewable energy development, such as rooftop solar, in order to reach some 300 million people who are not connected or are underserved by the power grid.

The Renewable Energy Expo will discuss a range of strategies on expanding renewable energy in India. The Renewable Energy Expo is sponsored by several partners, including the Indian Skill Council for Green Jobs.

NRDC is speaking during the following conference discussions:

18th September, 9:00 am IST: Poonam Sandhu, Finance Expert & India Head Consultant and Madhura Joshi, Lead Energy Access and Green Jobs Consultant, will present on clean energy finance and distributed renewable energy.  

18th September, 12:00 pm IST: Poonam Sandhu, Finance Expert & India Head Consultant will present on the role of green finance solutions.  

18th September, 2:00pm IST: Madhura Joshi, Lead Energy Access and Green Jobs Consultant, will discuss the potential of distributed renewable energy in creating green jobs and improving livelihoods.

Check out the agenda here: renewableenergyindiaexpo.com/Agenda


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