Expanding Peer Learning Opportunities for Cities

NRDC's Food Matters initiative provides a platform for peer-to-peer learning for cities.

Food Matter’s partners visiting the El Paseo Community Garden in Chicago, Illinois, as part of a convening for the Great Lakes cohort regional initiative. October, 2022.


Anya Obrez @ NRDC

NRDC is expanding a knowledge sharing network as part of the Food Matters initiative, a partnership with over 20 cities to reduce food waste through comprehensive programs and policies. The NRDC Food Matters knowledge sharing network is for cities, counties, and organizations involved in leading food waste reduction at the municipal level. The aim of this network is to enable and foster peer learning and engagement among our Food Matters partners to advance food waste reduction strategies and to connect and share lessons learned, barriers, challenges, and opportunities. The network provides ongoing opportunities for city decisionmakers and local partners to learn from experts, communicate with each other, and share advice and lessons learned. 

The network is composed of structured food waste reduction-related calls, open office hours, and a resource sharing platform. We hold network calls every other month featuring expert speakers, insights and updates from NRDC, city-to-city networking, and other topics of interest to our membership. The open office hours take place every other month and provide an opportunity for cities to communicate more effectively with the NRDC team and with one another by troubleshooting issues and sharing ideas with the cohort. These spaces for networking provide opportunities for our network to engage with other cities across the country.

If you are a city staff member interested in learning more about policies and programs to reduce food waste, please reach out to us at foodmatters@nrdc.org to learn more about opportunities for joining the Food Matters network. We look forward to welcoming new members to this platform for cities to help develop more ideas and strategies for ways to reduce food waste across the U.S.

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