Craft Brewers Urge Senators to Vote Against Pruitt

In a letter to U.S. Senate members, brewers stood up for clean water protections—protections Scott Pruitt pledged to weaken as head of the EPA.


Today a group of 32 craft brewers sent a letter to the U.S. Senate asking members to vote against Scott Pruitt’s nomination to lead the Environmental Protection Agency. These brewers, who are partners in NRDC's Brewers for Clean Water campaign, are standing up for the clean water protections that are so important to their businesses—protections that Mr. Pruitt has pledged to weaken or eliminate.

Here’s what they said:

Dear Senators:

Please vote against the confirmation of Scott Pruitt as Administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.  Mr. Pruitt’s record of attacking clean water protections shows that he is the wrong choice to lead the agency.

Our breweries cannot operate without reliable, clean water supplies.  Together, our businesses employ hundreds of people, and our beers are shipped across the country.  We need an EPA administrator who will adopt and enforce policies that protect the water sources we use to make our great-tasting beer.  Mr. Pruitt’s actions as Oklahoma Attorney General, however, demonstrate a history of attacking and undermining the protections on which we depend.

Mr. Pruitt has challenged virtually every important EPA safeguard in recent years, often falsely accusing the agency of overstepping its authority.  We need an EPA administrator who will enforce our laws to protect our resources and our communities, not someone who tries to weaken safeguards on behalf of polluters.

Beer is about 90 percent water, making local water supply quality and its characteristics, such as pH and mineral content, critical to beer brewing and the flavor of many classic brews.  Changes to our water supply – whether we draw directly from a water source or from a municipal supply – threaten our ability to consistently produce our great-tasting beer, and thus, our bottom line.

Protecting clean water is central to our business and our long-term success.  Not only does the great-tasting beer we brew depend on it, but so do the communities in which we operate.  Mr. Pruitt cannot be trusted to protect America’s water resources. We hope that we can count on you to oppose his confirmation to head EPA. 


Allagash Brewing Company (Maine)
Andersonville Brewing Co. (Illinois)
Bang Brewing (Minnesota)
Bar Hygge/Brewery Techne (Pennsylvania)
Blue Mountain Brewery/Blue Mountain Barrel House (Virginia)
Brewery Vivant (Michigan)
Brooklyn Brewery (New York)
Center of the Universe Brewing Company (Virginia)
Earth Bread + Brewery (Pennsylvania)
Engrained Brewing Company (Illinois)
Flying Mouse Brewery (Virginia)
Garden Grove Brewing Company (Virginia)
Greenstar Organic Brewery (Illinois)
Half Acre Beer Company (Illinois)
Hops & Grain Brewing (Texas)
Horse & Dragon Brewing Company (Colorado)
KelSo Beer Company (New York)
Lakefront Brewery (Wisconsin)
Maine Beer Company (Maine)
New Belgium Brewing Company (Colorado)
Oak Park Brewing Company (Colorado)
Right Brain Brewery (Michigan)
Rising Tide Brewing Company (Maine)
Saint Benjamin Brewing Company (Pennsylvania)
Smuttynose Brewing Company (New Hampshire)
South Street Brewery (Virginia)
Starr Hill Brewery (Virginia)
Temperance Beer Co. (Illinois)
Two Brothers Brewing Company (Illinois)
Wild Wolf Brewing Company (Virginia)

Of course, the threat Mr. Pruitt poses to great beer isn’t the only reason to oppose his nomination. Keep reading for more information about his long anti-environmental record:

If you want to join these craft brewers in urging your Senators to vote against Scott Pruitt, call their offices or use NRDC’s online tool to email them now!