Liquid Coal a Crude Substitue for Oil

The coal industry has a dream -- that one day our cars and trucks will run on liquefied coal.  They tout this as a way to free America from its addiction to oil -- 60% of which we export from foreign nations, many of which don't like us very much.

Ending our dependence on oil is a worthy goal.  But replacing one fossil fuel with another is not the way to do it.  Especially since liquid coal is a dirty fuel that would threaten our national security by worsening global warming.

In fact, a new study confirms that trying to achieve energy independence by replacing petroleum with coal for transportation would increase our country's carbon emissions, thereby exacerbating the climate crisis.  Greenhouse gas emissions could DOUBLE if coal were to replace foreign oil, the researchers concluded.

As we work to move America beyond oil, we must guard against the reckless pursuit of unconventional alternative fuel sources that promise more pollution and more climate change.  Certainly, liquid coal is one of the worst dirty fuels, along with tar sands from Canada and oil shale in the Rocky Mountain West. 

Check out our movie to see why liquid coal is a crude substitute.  And join NRDC in the effort to stop dirty fuels before they get started.

Now is the time to rally for an end to our nation's dangerous addiction to oil by investing in a new energy economy built on cleaner fuels, better cars, improved efficiency, and more livable communities.