Ford "Driving Force" Behind Radio Attack Ads

The Wall Street Journal just published this stunner, Ford is the "driving force" behind the radio attack ads. GM and Chrysler, on the other hand, are reported to have voted to pull down the ads but were overruled by Ford and their allies (the allies have to be either Toyota, Daimler or VW).

This is truly shocking news that Ford, who under Alan Mulally's leadership has been doing much to create a fuel-efficent, green image, is the ring leader. It's unclear why Mr. Mullally and Ford wants to toss all this good will out the window. The smart thing for Ford and the other companies supporting the ads (the vote count is sure to leak out soon if not already) is to switch their votes and pull down the ads.

According to the WSJ, Ford's strategy to win a positive image "...took an awkward turn this week when administration officials learned that Ford was a driving force behind an radio ad campaign critical of the standards,.." Ouch.

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