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Scaling up climate finance in Latin America

The decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris Agreement was widely criticized around the world and raised speculation about how the Agreement’s goals, including targets related to climate finance would be met. The good news is that while the U.S.

India Green News: RE will reach 49 percent by 2040 & more

India Green News: India to become 2-4 degrees Celsius warmer, but deaths due to heat are preventable; Power Minister Piyush Goyal Launches New Energy Conservation Building Code; Thirty new smart cities announced; India to have City Livability Index

A Message from Bristol Bay to Pebble Mine Investors: NEVER

“We will never support Pebble Mine in our Bay,” reads the full-page ad in today’s Vancouver Sun paid for by the tribes and village corporations of Bristol Bay, Alaska.

Why Acting on Climate Change is Good Strategy for India

As PM Modi sets out to visit the US for his first meeting with President Trump, the approach of the two leaders on climate change cannot be more different.

The Real Lowdown: The Trump and Congressional Republican Assault on Our Environment, Vol. 16

Pruitt and Zinke are all for cutting their agency’s staff, and Zinke wants to put more money in the pockets of the fossil fuel industry.

Latin America Green News: 6/16 - 6/22/2017

Latin America Green News: Brazil’s rampant deforestation causes concern, Nicaragua approves energy efficiency law, deadly heat waves expected to slam the tropics