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The Real Lowdown: The Trump and Congressional Republican Assault on Our Environment, Vol. 20

Hundreds of safeguards that protect Americans are now in jeopardy and a court allows the EPA to continue putting kids at risk from a toxic pesticide.

Trump Touts Plan to Wipe Out Health and Safety Regulations

Today, the Trump administration released a list of the public safeguards it intends to destroy.

North Carolina Joins Offshore Drilling Opposition

There’s been no small amount of pushback to President Trump’s recently announced plan to expose all our coasts to risky offshore drilling. But today another shoe dropped.

Auto Industry Attacks Clean Car and Fuel Economy Standards

There they go again.  Automakers are once more on the attack, attempting to weaken the clean car and fuel economy standards that are protecting our health, planet and pocketbooks, that they agreed to just five years ago.

The Fight for Healthy Fisheries Resurfaces in Congress

House Oversight Hearing Signals Return of “Empty Oceans Act” and New Efforts to Roll Back Federal Fisheries Law

When Coal Plants Close, Time to Invest in Communities

The Trump Administration is reportedly looking for ways to artificially prop up an economically struggling coal plant in Arizona, but support for the plant might come at the expense of support for affected communities.