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NRDC Acts to Defend Atlantic’s First Marine Monument

NRDC is seeking to intervene in a lawsuit that challenges the New England marine monument established last September—the first such monument off the continental U.S.

Stronger Runoff Permits Needed for NJ's Polluted Waterways

Almost every waterway in New Jersey is too polluted to meet clean water standards, and the state’s new proposed permits for municipal stormwater discharges wouldn’t do anything to change that.

World Vows to Act Despite Trump’s Failed Climate Leadership

President Trump’s latest executive order on climate change waves the white flag on the central environmental challenge of our time, while also surrendering American lea

NY’s Water Infrastructure Proposal: A Much-Needed Investment

Frank Sinatra, in his song “New York, New York” made a line famous by saying, “If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere.” In a city where people are trying to beat the competition to elbow their way to the top in entertainment, finance, real estate and other industries, making it in New York

Resist Trump: March for Climate Justice

On Donald Trump’s first full day in office, he was met with unprecedented resistance as hundreds of thousands rose up for the Women’s March.