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State Wrecks NYC’s Plastic Bag Fee Law & Bashes Home Rule

New York City’s 2016 break-through law that established a five cent fee on single use plastic (and paper) grocery bags so as to encourage shoppers to switch to reusables has been toppled in Albany.

Trump's First Law Is a Gift to Exxon and Despots

Republicans in Congress and President Trump have made it easier for oil, gas, and coal companies to bribe foreign governments without accountability.

A Not So Happy Valentine's Day for the Pebble Mine

What’s worse than being dumped on Valentine’s Day? Being sued by your ex the day after.

Baseless Threats to California's Clean Car Waiver

California, long a land of pioneers, leads the nation in developing emissions standards to reduce pollution from cars and trucks. These standards have cleaned up the Golden State’s air, and have benefited other states following California’s lead.