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States Will Drive Clean Energy Forward Until the U.S. Leads

2016 is expected to be the hottest year on record and trends on Arctic sea ice and carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere are

Will Our Next EPA Administrator Be a Former Coal Lobbyist?

President-elect Donald Trump’s list of contenders contains big polluter allies and apologists.

EPA Downplayed Risk to Water from Fracking Last Minute

A new report by Marketplace and American Public Media investigated a controversial finding in EPA’s landmark five-year study on the i

A Long-Dreaded Superbug Is Discovered on U.S. Pig Farms

Not all bacteria are created equal. Today's announcement of the discovery on U.S. pig farms of a long-dreaded antibiotic resistant superbug really stands out.

Future Energy Jobs Bill: A Path for Illinois to a Bright Clean Energy Economy

With a very different federal landscape, and action on clean energy and climate change threatening to stall, the real climate action is going to occur where the rubber hits the road: cities and states.