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CA Chlorpyrifos Announcement Leaves Communities at Risk

On Friday, California’s Environmental Protection Agency (CalEPA) made big promises to address the risk from the pesticide chlorpyrifos—found to threaten children’s health, especially i

Climate Advisory Committee Trumped—but the Burden's on You

Over the weekend, the Trump administration allowed the charter to lapse for a 15-member federal climate advisory committee (or FAC, on which I was a member) that gathers real information from real people about the impacts of climate change today.

Unlocking Finance to Achieve India’s Clean Energy Goals

Momentum is building as India moves towards meeting its clean energy targets.

Latin America Green News: 8/11 – 8/17/2017

THIS WEEK: NAFTA renegotiation begins, Argentina renewables auction, Colombia climate change law

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As Water Pollution Grows, Healthy Soil Comes to the Rescue

The devastating effects of water pollution are on full display this summer.