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Powering into the Future with Renewable, Reliable Power

We depend on electric power like we do the air. Without electricity our society could not function.

Woodland Caribou: Canadian Icon on the Brink

The woodland caribou is one of Canada’s national icons. Think America’s bald eagle or China’s giant panda.

A Tribute To Andrew Schneider

In this terrifying age of misinformation, “alt-facts”, and lies, a good reporter is highly valued. One that is willing to hit the pavement, talking to anyone about anything, and dig, dig, dig for the truth—that reporter is the best!

Polluting Pruitt, After Record Opposition, Takes Over EPA

Today, former Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt, a "longtime adversary of the EPA," as the Washington

Trump's Moves to Protect Polluters Are Sickening

From disastrous rollbacks to confirmation of the worst-ever EPA head, this administration is hell-bent on destroying the health of our environment—and the American people.