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Congress OKs Ruthless Killing of Iconic Wildlife—What Next?

Republicans in Congress just did the unthinkable, and by all counts risked political suicide, by bringing to the Senate floor—and then passing—legislation (H.J.Res.69) that would allow egregious and inhumane “predator control” practices to be used to kill wolves, bears, and other iconic wildlife on National Wildlife Refuges in Alaska.

New Report: Energy & Water Savings Hidden in Laundry Rooms

It turns out the laundry room in apartment buildings is good for much more than meeting neighbors and cleaning clothes.

Cuomo Strengthens Food Recovery Act with Tax Credit!

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is positioning the state as a national leader on the issue of food waste with his Food Recovery Act. And now as budget negotiations near a close, he is further strengthening that proposal with the addition of the Farm to Food Bank Tax Credit!

CA Officials Reaffirm Clean Cars Standards [Updated]

[This is an update from my previous blog] Officials from the California Air Resources Board (ARB) voted unanimously to reaffirm the state's clean car standards today at their hearing in Riverside, CA – a city facing among the worst air pollution in the nation – giving an official green light to s

Methane Pollution: California Steps Up as Trump Steps Back

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) yesterday approved some of the nation’s strongest limits on emissions of methane, a potent climate-changing pollutant, from oil and gas operations. California is the third largest oil-producing state in the nation.