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Trump Acts Quickly to Open Our Coasts to Offshore Drilling

If you thought Earth Day would give President Trump and his administration pause in their ongoing assault on our environment and health, you were wrong.

NY Green Bank Moves to Standardize and Scale Green Loans

Guest post by Bettina Bergoo

Building Smart Cities: Regional Lessons from Hyderabad

Co-authored with Rajkiran Bilolikar and Karan Chouksey

If You’re Looking for Pollution Pics, I Know a Guy

On the day that the Trump administration announced plans to consider measures that would revoke the protection of public lands, a post by The

This Solves Nothing

President Trump is issuing an Executive Order  to promote oil and gas drilling off America’s beaches and coasts.  This shapes up as a major belly flop.  Or man overboard.  Pick your

Trump: Check the Fine Print

This week, the Trump Administration continued its sweeping assault on our public lands and oceans issuing an unprecedented Executive Order mandating a review of all National Monuments designated since 1996.