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The Next Frontier for Energy Savings in Buildings and Cities: Tenant Spaces

There’s a shocking global statistic that we may be on the cusp of changing for good.

Here it is: If U.S. buildings were a country, they would be the third largest energy consumer in the world.

NRDC NY office diverts 84% of its waste from land fill

Across all offices, NRDC has always had strong waste management practices. This past spring our New York office was given the chance to take these practices to the next level by participating in Mayor de Blasio’s Zero Waste Challenge (ZWC). Launched in February 2016, the ZWC aimed to help businesses reach zero waste to landfill and incineration. NRDC's NY office managed to finish the competition at a diversion rate of 84%. While there is no doubt that this achievement is impressive, it only left us energized for continued improvement. The goal to scale up our efforts to all offices and to inch our diversion rate up to 100% is now written into our long-term strategic sustainability operations plan. The strides we made in just four months in our largest office proved to us that with a little bit of data analysis and creative solutions, we are capable of achieving even more.

EPA Takes On More Smog Pollution from Oil and Gas Industry

In another important step towards reining in harmful air pollution from the oil and gas industry, last week EPA finalized guidelines triggering Clean Air Act requirements for states to address the sector’s contribution to ozone sm

Efficiency Gains Globally, Two-Thirds of Savings Untapped

Global energy savings in 2015 reached a new high, equaling 13 percent of total consumption, despite lower energy prices and higher economic growth.

Ohio Businesses Urge Lawmakers To Thaw Clean Energy Freeze

Ohio’s renewable energy and energy efficiency industry is at a critical inflection point.