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Adding Carbon Pricing to the Climate Protection Toolkit

As Washington, the nation, and the world swelter through another year of extraordinary heat, storms, drought, and disrupted weather, Senators Sheldon Whitehouse and Brian Schatz are introducing carbon fee legislation today to help curb the heat-trapping pollution that drives this dangerous climat

The Need for Sustainable Fashion

Marie Claire magazine’s latest issue, which just hit the newsstand, focuses on an issue near and dear to my heart: sustainable fashion.

Harris Amendment Imperils Offshore Wind Jobs

Why would Congressman Andy Harris (R-MD1) want to stand in the way of bringing clean, renewable offshore wind power to his home state of Maryland by trying to stop two projects that would create nearly 10,000 good jobs and revitalize Maryland

California Cap & Trade Extension Comes with Cleaner Air, Too

One of the bills recently enacted as a companion to the extension of California’s carbon pollution cap and trade law extension is AB 617, principally authored by Assembly Member Cristina Garcia.