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Latin America Green News: 8/11 – 8/17/2017

THIS WEEK: NAFTA renegotiation begins, Argentina renewables auction, Colombia climate change law

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As Water Pollution Grows, Healthy Soil Comes to the Rescue

The devastating effects of water pollution are on full display this summer.

Toward Energy Independence: A Tale of Two Efficient Cities

As India marks seven decades of independence this week, some states and key cities are implementing energy efficiency building codes to achieve greater energy independence.

WASTED: Second Edition of NRDC’s Landmark Food Waste Report

Food waste occurs at all levels of the supply chain.

Chef Dan Barber & Alexa Join NRDC’s “Save The Food” Campaign

I bet we’ve all had the experience of standing over the trash can, staring at what was once a tasty-looking snack, entrée or piece of fruit before we forgot about it and let it get scary in the back of our fridge.