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Zero-Emission Vehicles Protect Public Health, Save Lives

A report released today underscores the high stakes to our health, environment, and pocketbooks if we fail to move aggressively to put many more zero-emission vehicles on the road to replace polluting gasoline-powered cars and trucks.

Feds Greenlight NYS Offshore Wind Power Lease Auction

In the latest development in a watershed year for offshore wind power in the United States, the U.S.

The Next Frontier for Energy Savings in Buildings and Cities: Tenant Spaces

There’s a shocking global statistic that we may be on the cusp of changing for good.

Here it is: If U.S. buildings were a country, they would be the third largest energy consumer in the world.

NRDC NY Office Diverts 84% of its Waste from Land Fill

Across all offices, NRDC has always had strong waste management practices. This past spring our New York office was given the chance to take these practices to the next level by participating in Mayor de Blasio’s Zero Waste Challenge (ZWC).