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Trump's Bad Bet #1: DAPL

President Trump is a businessman, so you’d think he would know a good bet when he sees one. Reversing Obama’s decision on Dakota Access isn’t.

Back to Basics: Clean Air in India

Our India team is in Ahmedabad this week working with the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation and partners on the first of its kind, Ahmedabad Air and Response (AIR) Plan. I had the honor of meeting Ms. Elaben Bhatt along with our special guest Ms. Frances Beinecke to discuss the plan. Ms.

California’s Fuel Standard a Critical Tool in Climate Fight

By getting more aggressive about expanding its supply of low-carbon fuels, California will be better positioned to meet its 2030 climate goals and air quality requirements.

State Wrecks NYC’s Plastic Bag Fee Law & Bashes Home Rule

New York City’s 2016 break-through law that established a five cent fee on single use plastic (and paper) grocery bags so as to encourage shoppers to switch to reusables has been toppled in Albany.