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Earth Day Inspirations

Two sources of Earth Day inspiration for me today. 

Equitable Investment for People and the Planet

A game-changing conversation has begun around the way community development is organized on a national scale and it includes the voices of environmentalists and those most affected – the people in local neighborhoods who must live with the consequences of that development.

Uncertainty Threatens To Make NY’s Solar Rates “Unbankable”

New York’s process to set new utility bill credit rates for solar projects for communities, businesses, and factories has reached its critical implementation phase.

Earth Day Should Be Called "People of Earth" Day

Earth Day—a time to consider the planet, yes, but also the people who must inhabit it.

Trump's Bad Bet #1: DAPL

President Trump is a businessman, so you’d think he would know a good bet when he sees one. Reversing Obama’s decision on Dakota Access isn’t.

Latin America Green News: 4/14 - 4/20/2017

Electric and hybrid vehicle sales skyrocket in Mexico, Peru in hot water over illegal logging, Laguna Aculeo might soon dry up