Poorly managed ranches, farms and feedlots destroy our wildlife, water, soil, climate, and health.

We help develop standards for major meat producers and purchasers that protect the environment, offer safer options to consumers, and spur improved practices throughout the industry. And we call these producers and purchasers out when their practices threaten human health, our environment, and our climate. Working with lawmakers, we also limit the unnecessary use of antibiotics in livestock, which contributes to the rise of dangerous superbugs.

What We're Doing

Policy Solution

We put legal and public pressure the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to curb unsafe antibiotic use in the livestock industry and promote practical alternatives.

Policy Solution

We're helping create a set of standards so can ranchers raise—and consumers can easily find—better beef.

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What You Can Do

5 Tips for Buying Better Beef

How to decode all those labels, find responsible producers, and help force change in the beef-production industry through the power of your dollars.

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