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The Keystone XL tar sands pipeline would send a flood of toxic tar sands oil—one of the dirtiest fuels in the world—through America’s heartland.

It would threaten our land, our drinking water, and our communities from Montana and Nebraska to the Gulf Coast. It would drive catastrophic climate change. And it would be a giveaway to big oil that would force the American people to pay the price for generations to come.

NRDC and our allies successfully pushed the Obama administration to reject the pipeline in November 2015, but President Trump brought it back from the dead with an executive order just days after his inauguration. The Trump administration and its big polluter allies are intent on making sure the pipeline gets built at all costs—so NRDC and our partners filed suit in federal court to stop them. Now it’s up to all of us to mobilize a worldwide outcry and show Trump that the world stands united against the climate-wrecking Keystone XL and the expansion of dirty tar sands.  

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The amount of barrels of dirty tar sands oil that KXL would transport through America

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