Biden’s A-Team of Climate & Environmental Champions

WASHINGTON  – President-elect Joe Biden today introduced an environmental A-Team destined to make historic progress in fighting climate change and protecting public health.

The following is a statement by Mitch Bernard, NRDC executive director:

“This is a first-rate team that will hit the ground running, taking action to confront the climate crisis, bolster protections for public health and safeguard our natural resources and wildlife. They will stand up for environmental justice and protect communities suffering disproportionately from dirty air, polluted waters and fossil fuel hazard and harm. We look forward to working with these seasoned professionals, and the entire Biden team, to create a cleaner, healthier and more prosperous future for everyone.”

Bernard’s comments on the A-Team members follow:

Michael Regan (EPA):
“Michael Regan is a visionary who listens to people, puts their health and well-being first, and centers environmental justice. He is a stellar choice to carry out President-elect Biden’s ambitious agenda to combat climate change. Regan will guide an agency that must quickly return to its core mission. The nation will be counting on him to protect our environment, stand up for public health and address the inequities suffered by communities overburdened by disproportionate environmental hazard and harm. He joins a diverse team fully committed to battling climate change, bolstering public health protections and safeguarding our country’s natural resources.

Jennifer Granholm (Energy):
"Jennifer Granholm’s appointment underscores President-elect Biden’s embrace of an all-out strategy to slow, stop and reverse climate change. She understands the economic benefits of transforming the agency into the Department of Clean Energy. By expediting our transition to a nation powered by renewable energy, energy efficiency and clean vehicles, America will cut carbon emissions, lower energy bills, create millions of good-paying jobs, and improve public health – especially for low-income Americans and communities of color who are disproportionately affected by higher energy costs and pollution. We look forward to working with her to move full speed ahead on building America’s clean energy future.’’

Deb Haaland (Interior):
‘’Deb Haaland is an inspiring choice to steward our public lands and resources. Her appointment signals a commitment to preserve nature, address climate and take the department back from industry capture. By naming a member of the Pueblo of Laguna to run the Interior Department, President-elect Biden also is highlighting the need to heal racial wounds from a long history of displacing Indigenous People from these very lands. Haaland is just the type of leader who will be able to help this country address the climate and extinction crises, while rebuilding a department that has been decimated. She will join a diverse team with an unprecedented commitment to reversing climate change, restoring public health safeguards and protecting our natural resources and wildlife. We look forward to working with her.”

Brenda Mallory (Council on Environmental Quality):
“Brenda Mallory is an outstanding pick to lead this crucial coordinating post and to implement President-elect Biden’s environmental justice priorities. With her leading CEQ, the voices and concerns of people most adversely affected by large infrastructure projects—especially Black, Latino and low-income communities—will once again be heard and taken into account. Sound energy and environmental policies must be informed by those who have long been ignored and suffered disproportionate harm from air and water pollution. Mallory joins a diverse team fully committed to battling climate change, bolstering public health protections and safeguarding our country’s natural resources and wildlife. We look forward to working with her and the entire Biden team.’’

Ali Zaidi (Deputy National Climate Advisor):
“Ali Zaidi is one of the nation’s most effective climate policy hands, with deep experience both at the federal and state levels. He was central to climate action taken by the Obama administration and helped spearhead New York State’s groundbreaking work to cut carbon pollution, expand renewable energy and advance environmental justice amid the unprecedented health and economic crises we’ve faced this year.”

Kathleen Welch, chair of NRDC’s Board of Trustees, made the following statement about Gina McCarthy (National Climate Advisor):
“Gina has led NRDC with a can-do spirit, indomitable will and clear-eyed vision of what it means to address the climate crisis head-on. She brings all that, and the policy expertise she’s honed during a career in public service, to this vital task at this critical moment,” said Kathleen Welch, chair of NRDC’s Board of Trustees. “There’s no better choice to create the game plan for confronting this global crisis in a way that helps to restore our economy, rebuild our communities and protect the health and homes of our people.’’

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