Fuel Efficiency Goals are Attainable, Obama Administration Report Shows

WASHINGTON – Automobile technology is advancing faster than expected, according to an Obama administration report released today. This means automakers are on track to meet clean car standards through the year 2025, experts at the Natural Resources Defense Council say.  

The findings are part of a progress report on the administration’s carbon pollution and fuel efficiency standards, issued by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the California Air Resources Board. The administration will use the results to decide whether to continue or modify the model year 2022 to 2025 carbon pollution and fuel economy standards.

The following is a statement by Luke Tonachel, director of the Clean Vehicles and Fuels Project at the Natural Resources Defense Council:

“The U.S. is firmly on the road to meeting its carbon pollution and fuel economy goals. The transportation sector is one of the largest sources of carbon pollution.  Continuing to strengthen clean vehicle standards is good for America’s consumers—and it’s absolutely critical to bringing about cleaner, healthier air and a more stable climate.” 

The following is a statement by Roland Hwang, director of the Energy and Transportation Program at the Natural Resources Defense Council:

“This is a defining moment for the auto industry. All signs show that the standards that drive clean cars to market are getting stronger, not weaker.  It’s time for U.S. automakers to put their clean car programs into high gear.”

Here is the link to the report: https://www3.epa.gov/otaq/climate/mte.htm

For more on the technical details of the TAR report:

Luke Tonachel’s blog: https://www.nrdc.org/experts/luke-tonachel/2025-clean-car-standards-are-achievable-study-shows

Roland Hwang’s blog: https://www.nrdc.org/experts/roland-hwang/costs-coming-down-raise-mpg-joint-agency-study-shows

And Pete Altman, director of NRDC’s Climate and Clean Air Campaign, blogs on the health and climate impact of fuel efficiency standards: https://www.nrdc.org/experts/pete-altman/new-report-cleaner-cars-means-safer-climate

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