Governor Brown's Final State of the State Highlights Climate Progress

SACRAMENTO — Governor Jerry Brown’s final State of the State Address touched on numerous environmental issues and solutions essential to protecting public health and California’s economy. The speech addressed California’s landmark work to cut dangerous carbon pollution, while outlining an encouraging agenda to invest in natural resource protection, fight federal environmental rollbacks and double down on real climate action, which will be on show for the world to see when California hosts, along with the UN Foundation, the Global Climate Action Summit, in September this year. 

Following are responses to the speech from NRDC advocates active on California issues: 

“Governor Brown’s commitment to progress on combating climate change and protecting California from federal environmental assaults is clear. We urge the governor to examine how the state can ensure our fossil fuel production policies are consistent with its climate goals, in a manner that allows California’s economy, communities and workers to continue to thrive. When leaders from around the world gather in San Francisco in September, the real, common sense actions that are taking place every day, in cities, businesses, states and provinces across the globe will be on full display, making it clear that the ambition of the Paris Agreement is spurring action now.”  - Ann Notthoff, Western Advocacy Director

Governor Brown’s goal to put at least 5 million electric vehicles on the road by 2030 is achievable and will move the nation toward clean cars. Electric vehicles clean the air, reduce our need for oil, and save consumers money at the pump.” - Simon Mui, Senior Scientist, Climate & Clean Energy Program

“California still struggles with unhealthy air, and in his speech, Governor Brown recognized the disproportionate effects of air pollution on frontline neighborhoods throughout our state. NRDC is working with community partners to implement AB 617 and take other vital steps to ensure that everyone is able to breathe clean air.”  - Linda Escalante, Southern California Legislative Director 

“Governor Brown laid out a path towards a sustainable water future for California. That includes a commitment to safe drinking water, more efficient water use, water recycling and rainwater recapture to help ensure we meet the needs of a growing population and economy while allowing us to restore California’s iconic salmon runs. While the Governor continues to push the controversial WaterFix project in the Delta, the lack of support for this project provides an opportunity to take a different approach that reduces reliance on the Delta and restores the estuary to health.” - Kate Poole, Senior Director of Water, Nature Program