Governor Snyder Outlines Bold Vision for Michigan’s Energy Future

CHICAGO (March 13, 2015) – In a highly-anticipated address, Governor Rick Snyder today laid out his vision for securing Michigan’s energy needs through a mix of renewables and energy savings, while dramatically reducing the state’s reliance on coal by 2015. The Governor’s plan would increase the percentage renewable energy to as much as 24 percent, but would not increase the renewables mandate beyond the 10 percent required under a 2008 law.

Following are comments from NRDC Midwest Staff Attorney Patrick Kenneally:

“Today, Governor Rick Snyder reiterated his bold vision for Michigan’s energy future with energy efficiency and renewable energy at its core. Now, we need adoption of policies to make the Governor’s vision a reality.

“Governor Snyder’s aggressive targets would make Michigan a clean energy leader.  The best way to achieve these levels of clean energy is by setting firm targets that electricity providers are required to meet.

“Not only do Governor Snyder’s targets offer real economic potential; they bring cleaner skies and cut dangerous pollution. This is a massive step forward toward a healthier Michigan.” 

Pledging to work with the Legislature to secure Michigan’s energy future, Governor Snyder’s plan will be just one piece of the mix, along with two widely divergent bills currently pending in the House. NRDC Midwest Director Henry Henderson’s Huffington Post blogged about the energy choices facing Michigan, and Patrick Kenneally’s blogged about a new energy bill that would damage Michigan’s economy and jobs outlook.


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