Trump’s Misguided Budget on Energy, Oceans, Climate and Environment

WASHINGTON  – President Trump released his proposed 2018 federal budget today, and experts at the Natural Resources Defense Council made these comments on budgets for the Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Interior, Department of Energy and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Additional materials are below.  

Environmental Protection Agency

“Trump’s budget proposal to eviscerate the EPA is a direct assault on our future,” said Scott Slesinger, NRDC’s legislative director. “It would return us to smog-choked cities, oil-soaked rivers, and toxic drinking water, threatening our health from every quarter. No American wants that. This ridiculous proposal deserves to be, and will be, dead on arrival in Congress.”

Department of Interior

“Take it from our new Interior Secretary, Ryan Zinke: Cuts to his agency are a bad idea," said Sharon Buccino, director of NRDC's Land and Wildlife Program. “Americans love our public lands and wildlife. But this agency's budget is already on life support.  Our national parks are huge generators for the economy with more than 300 million visits last year, yet there's a $12 billion backlog in maintaining these special places. Instead of investing in conservation, this budget eliminates important funding and paves the way for dirty energy development.”

Department of Energy

“This proposal is a disaster for the many Americans who struggle to pay their energy bills, for the fast-growing clean energy job sector and for America's global competitiveness,” said Kit Kennedy, director of NRDC’s Energy and Transportation Program. “Trump’s steep proposed cuts will gut programs that have a strong record of growing jobs, supporting U.S. clean energy businesses, and saving American families billions of dollars in lower energy bills. Congress needs to block this train-wreck proposal. It even goes so far as to cut weatherization assistance for the country’s neediest households, and the ENERGY STAR program, which has 18,000 private partners who help consumers and businesses save money by choosing the most efficient appliances, equipment, and buildings.”


“America can’t afford risky cuts to NOAA. All of us – including our military, airlines, farmers and fishermen – depend on its satellite data and weather forecasts,” said Sarah Chasis, director of NRDC's Oceans Program. “NOAA protects the lives and property of millions of people along our coasts, and affects an estimated one-third of the country’s gross domestic product. Cutting corners here won’t keep America safe, our ocean and coasts healthy, or our economy strong,”

More materials follow.


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