Colorado 2030: Committing to Equitable Climate Action

Credit: Dennis Schroeder/NREL

Colorado policymakers have an opportunity to foster a rapid transition to clean energy that results in steep reductions in deadly air pollution. “Committing to Climate Action: Equitable Pathways for Meeting Colorado's Climate Goals” is a report that brings together analysis from Evolved Energy Research, GridLab, NRDC, Physicians, Scientists, and Engineers for Health Energy (PSE), and Sierra Club to outline pathways for the state to effectively reduce their greenhouse gas emissions—with little to no increase in energy costs.

The report also analyzes the health and equity implications of each pathway to chart how various solutions, timelines, and delays impact air pollution and energy costs that most heavily burden Colorado’s low-income communities and communities of color. When planning this transition, policymakers must ensure that these communities feel the full benefits of pollution-reducing and cost-saving clean energy technologies. This report shows how feasible and necessary it is for Colorado to commit to climate action now and move all communities forward in a cleaner, more equitable way.

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