Food Matters: What We Waste and How We Can Expand the Amount of Food We Rescue

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Cities across the United States are often motivated and well-positioned to limit the amount of wasted food. However, few cities have quantified the amount, sources, or nature of food going to waste; evaluated how much additional food could potentially be rescued from within their community, beyond current donations; or investigated how to most effectively tackle the challenge of wasted food.

To help cities waste less food, NRDC developed two reports and a series of case studies with support from The Rockefeller Foundation.

City and county governments, in tandem with business leaders, non-profit organizations, philanthropic stakeholders, and citizens, can be leading players in catalyzing innovation to reduce the amount of food going to waste and increase food donations. Our analyses and methodologies are designed to provide groundbreaking tools and insights to inform and inspire cities across the country to more fully meet the challenge of wasted food.

Case Studies

Food Rescue Geovisualization


An inforgraphic titled "Lifting the Lid on Wasted Food"


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