Migratory Bird Treaty Act Case Documents

These are some of the documents associated with our efforts to protect and strengthen the Migratory Bird Treaty Act.

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National Audubon Society v. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service


Complaint Filed Regarding Migratory Bird Treaty Act (PDF) Defendants’ motion to dismiss (PDF) NRDC Plaintiffs’ opposition to the motion to dismiss (PDF) Defendants’ reply in support of the motion to dismiss (PDF) Court order on the motion to dismiss (PDF) Environmental Plaintiffs’ motion for summary judgment (PDF) Declaration of Gary G. Mowad (PDF) Declaration of Albert M. Manville (PDF) States’ motion for summary judgment (PDF) Amicus brief of former Interior Department officials in support of plaintiffs (PDF) Defendants’ cross-motion for summary judgment (PDF) Environmental plaintiffs’ reply in support of motion for summary judgment (PDF) States’ reply in support of motion for summary judgment (PDF) Defendants’ reply in support of cross-motion for summary judgment (PDF) Plaintiffs’ joint appendix: Volume 1 (PDF) Plaintiffs’ joint appendix: Volume 2 (PDF) Plaintiffs’ joint appendix: Volume 3 (PDF) Plaintiffs’ joint appendix: Volume 4 (PDF) Environmental plaintiffs’ motion for summary judgment (PDF) Joint letter requesting dismissal (PDF) Court order dismissing the case (PDF)