Preventing Hydrogen Explosions at Indian Point Nuclear Plant

Entergy and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission Continue to Make Inaccurate and Misleading Statements Regarding the Indian Point Energy Center

The two pressurized water reactors (PWRs) at Entergy's Indian Point Energy Center remain poorly equipped to minimize the risks of explosive hydrogen that would be produced in a severe nuclear accident involving one or both of these units. In light of this nuclear safety deficiency, Riverkeeper has petitioned the NRC seeking immediate enforcement action to shut down these units. The Natural Resource Defense Council (NRDC) shares this fundamental risk perspective on Indian Point, and opposes continued operation of the reactors beyond their current license terms.

Nonetheless, if these units are not slated for retirement when their current operating licenses expire, in September 2013 (Unit 2) and December 2015 (Unit 3), then major new capital investments for environmental protection will be required, not only to reduce coolant-intake fish kills and harmful thermal discharges to the Hudson River, but also to upgrade the plant's defenses against severe accidents.

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