Supplying Ingenuity II: U.S. Suppliers of Key Clean, Fuel-Efficient Vehicle Technologies

Today’s automotive sector provides a powerful example of how we can simultaneously meet the nation’s environmental, economic, and job-creation goals—all while saving consumers billions at the pump. This growth is largely due to commonsense clean car and fuel economy standards and innovation. This report investigates the real companies and jobs in this sector today. Our research finds more than 1,200 U.S. factories and engineering facilities in 48 states—and 288,000 American workers—building technologies that reduce pollution and improve fuel economy for today’s innovative vehicles, from family sedans to long-haul tractor trailers.

Securing today’s jobs and continuing to create new ones across the industry depend on keeping up the pace of domestic innovation, investment, and manufacturing under strong, long-term standards. For decision makers who are serious about continuing this progress, the following actions are critical:

  • Sustain robust clean vehicle and fuel economy standards.
  • Improve and enforce tax, trade, and manufacturing policies to spur manufacturing in America, reward reinvestment in domestic manufacturing and the U.S. workforce, and enhance—rather than degrade—labor and environmental standards globally.
  • Strengthen labor standards, workers’ rights, and regulations that protect worker safety and health on the job. 
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