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The Endangered Species Act—which has helped bring back countless wildlife species back from the brink—is under attack by anti-environment lawmakers.

From the iconic grizzly bear to the beluga whale to the bald eagle, the Endangered Species Act has been crucial in protecting the survival of imperiled wildlife. In fact, more than 99 percent of species covered under the ESA have been saved from extinction.

NRDC is fighting not only to protect this fundamental environmental law but also to add animals and plants to the Endangered Species Act list. When President Trump froze protections for the rusty patched bumblebee, for example, our lawyers successfully stepped in to ensure the pollinator—which has lost about 90 percent of its range in the last 20 years—was listed for federal protection.

Americans don’t want to see the world’s animals and plants ride some political roller coaster. We must stop anti-environment lawmakers from undermining the Endangered Species Act, which will cause irreparable harm to our wildlife and permanently alter ecosystems. 

Stop Trump from gutting the Endangered Species Act

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The ESA is an extraordinarily successful law. The vast majority of species that get listed under it are still with us today. It’s incredibly rare for one of them to go extinct.

— Rebecca Riley, NRDC senior attorney

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