Environment, Equity & Justice Center

An illustration depicts people raising their fists in protest, riding bicycles on a paved pathway, rowing a boat in a body of water, and protesting near oil rigs

Alexandra Bowman for NRDC

NRDC seeks to foster a more just and sustainable future—a future driven by social change that improves people’s lives, with clean air, clean water, and healthy communities for all. Through our new Environment, Equity & Justice Center, we are pursuing an integrated approach to addressing persistent and connected threats of environmental inequality, racial injustice, and socioeconomic insecurity. Our work is rooted in partnerships with frontline groups to advance community-driven solutions, to help build power in communities most harmed by inequities, and to push for long-lasting change. Ultimately, we believe this approach will foster a stronger, more diverse environmental movement and a safer, more just world.

The center’s work hinges on three priorities:

  • Capacity-Building: Enhance NRDC’s understanding of equity and justice, and support the organization’s work with frontline partners to deepen relationships with communities; provide legal, policy, and scientific assistance; and build community power.
  • Partnerships: Advance community-driven solutions in partnership with frontline communities.
  • Policy: Integrate equity into our policy work by collaborating with domestic and international partners to create policies that address environmental, economic, and social inequities—and help address both the environmental justice and climate crises.

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