Taking the High Road to More and Better Infrastructure in the United States

Watch the video "High Road Infrastructure: Forging a New Vision," where the NRDC team explores the High Road approach and Corvias Solutions and Prince Georges County discuss their innovative Clean Water Partnership.

We can no longer treat infrastructure like an ongoing crisis in America, waiting for the next failure to spur development of projects with little consideration of community needs. Rather, we should see this as an opportunity not to be missed. Under a new this series of papers explores a vision for High Road Infrastructure, in which priority is placed on infrastructure projects that also deliver numerous economic, social and environmental benefits—such as jobs, improved mobility, and climate resiliency.

In the first paper, we provide an overview of this holistic approach, demonstrating how taking the High Road helps create consensus among government, citizens and investors by ensuring infrastructure investments reflect the long-term needs of the communities they are meant to serve. 

The second paper delves deeper into the steps necessary to get to the High Road. As we show, it’s not always a straight shot, and can be iterative. But it’s always worth it!

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