A Turning Point


Trajan Jia

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We are living in uniquely challenging times. Together, we face a crisis of climate, a crisis of nature, and crises of inequality and health, all of them intertwined. They remind us that we need to be bolder and go bigger, but they also remind us that we need to be more hopeful. Through major U.S. legislation packages like the Inflation Reduction Act, we are both creating a cleaner, more inclusive, and more vibrant and prosperous world for all. Likewise, international climate negotiations, like the COP27 meeting in Egypt, demonstrate that global climate leaders recognize we have a responsibility to help developing nations cope and recover from climate disaster—and give us momentum on which to build. At this juncture between what exists and what should be, and backed by supporters like you, NRDC is at its best—defining new perspectives and new pathways to drive the change our planet demands. 

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