India Focus: Telangana Approves Ground-Breaking EV Policy

NRDC and ASCI statements on Telangana Electric Mobility Policy.

Telangana officials release state EV policy.

Credit: NRDC

As part of building back better from the COVID-19 economic downturn in India, the state of Telangana approved its electric vehicle (EV) policy today. The Telangana policy is one of the most comprehensive EV policies in India. The forward-looking policy includes strong incentives for consumers, manufactures, charging providers and the EV ecosystem. The Telangana EV policy aims to drive investment in the EV market, create jobs, ramp-up shared mobility, decrease air pollution, and help achieve India’s climate goals.

NRDC and the Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI) congratulate Telangana on approving the robust EV policy. 



The following is a statement by Anjali Jaiswal and Charu Lata with NRDC:

“Telangana is demonstrating the kind of leadership the world needs right now—putting the well-being of people, communities and the economy first. Investing in electric mobility as part of the economic recovery will help achieve India’s goals to create jobs, reduce air pollution, and curb climate change.”

Anjali Jaiswal, Senior Director, International Program, NRDC

“The future is electric. Electric mobility is an integral part of the sustainable transportation system. The Telangana electric mobility policy works to deploy an adequate charging infrastructure that can address one of the biggest stumbling blocks for the success of electric mobility in India. Smart planning and implementation of charging infrastructure, along with policy initiatives and attractive incentives, will accelerate the eco-system for faster adoption of e-vehicles.”

Charu Lata, Lead Consultant on Electric Mobility, NRDC

The following is a statement by Professor Rajkiran Bilolikar with ASCI:

“It is time to regroup and find ways to create stronger foundations proper for its emergence. Now it is critical to ‘charge’ ourselves with the essential infrastructure facilities. It is only through e-mobility that we can reach the destination of sustainability. The Telangana electric mobility policy is big step in that direction.”

Professor Rajkiran Bilolikar, Associate Professor, ASCI

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