Anjali Jaiswal

Senior Director, India, International Program

Anjali Jaiswal collaborates with local partners in India to advance energy efficiency, promote solar energy, and protect communities from the impacts of climate change. Previously, she was a member of NRDC's litigation team, fighting for stronger efficiency standards in appliances and increased protection of wilderness. She also spent six years working with NRDC's water program in the Los Angeles office. In 2005, Jaiswal was selected to be a fellow in the Nehru-Fulbright Indo-American Environmental Leadership program. She has been profiled by both Marie Claire and the Daily Journal. She holds a bachelor's degree in environmental sciences from the University of California, Riverside, and a JD from Hastings College of Law. She is based in San Francisco.

NRDC in Action

Trading Coal Plants for Solar Farms in India

Senior attorney and India program director Anjali Jaiswal leads a small team that’s accomplishing big things in one of the world’s most polluted countries.


Empowering India

Anjali Jaiswal, director of NRDC’s India program, discusses harnessing the power of clean energy in the country.

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