Madhur Boloor

Schneider Fellow, Analysis Team, Climate & Clean Energy Program

As a Schneider Fellow, Madhur Boloor leverages modeling to analyze the clean power and transportation sectors, with a focus on understanding the role of seasonal storage and the benefits of a centralized vs. decentralized grid. His federal policy work aims to support energy innovation through Department of Energy funding and expanding tax credits. 

Prior to joining NRDC, Boloor spent the summer as an SEIC Fellow at the California Energy Commission, where he worked with Commissioner David Hochschild on identifying and quantifying the value streams from residential electrification, with a focus on flexible heat-pump water heater technology. Boloor recently completed his Ph.D. in materials science and engineering at Stanford, where he focused on building solar water-splitting devices for sustainable hydrogen generation. Before his Ph.D., he conducted experimental research on solar cells and fuel cells in academia, and on grid-scale batteries at a start-up. Boloor is based in the Washington, D.C. office.