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NRDC experts ground their work in research and science to advocate for laws and policies that create lasting environmental change. Search for an expert below, or read their latest blog posts.


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Sujatha Bergen

Director, Health Campaigns, Health and Food, People & Communities Program
Sujatha Bergen campaigns for changes in corporate and regulatory policies that protect public health—from eliminating toxic chemicals in everyday products to cutting subsidies to the fossil fuel industry to promoting climate healthy menus. Prior to working at NRDC, she was…

Lena Brook

Acting Director, Food and Agriculture, People & Communities Program
Lena Brook uses her expertise in advocacy and communications to influence decision makers of all types, from elected officials to CEOs. Her work centers on advancing a sustainable, healthier, and more equitable food system for all by leveraging a wide…

Margaret Brown

Senior Attorney, New York Regional, People & Communities Program
Margaret Brown advocates for more just and sustainable food systems in New York and other regions around the United States. In particular, she brings legal and policy tools to partnerships working to improve school food, develop the growing field of…

Lara Bryant

Deputy Director, Water & Agriculture, Nature Program
Lara Bryant promotes soil health practices and policies that protect water quality, use water more efficiently, and help farms to be more resilient to climate change. Prior to joining NRDC, she worked on sustainable agricultural policy at the National Wildlife…

Yvette Cabrera

Director, Food Waste, People & Communities Program
Yvette Cabrera focuses on building a better food system for people, the climate, and the environment. Cabrera oversees engagement on federal and state food waste policy and cutting-edge research on food waste. She also manages the Food Matters project, through…

Andrea Collins

Senior Specialist, Sustainable Food Systems, People & Communities Program
Andrea Collins focuses on making our food system more efficient, sustainable, and equitable. She is helping to create strategies that can be implemented at various stages throughout the supply chain, including on farms, within cities, and by companies. Previously, she…

Irene Gutierrez

Senior Attorney, Nature Program
Irene Gutierrez protects our oceans by promoting sustainable fisheries, fighting illegal fishing practices, preventing dirty energy development, and supporting policies to curb climate change. Prior to joining the Oceans division, she was an attorney on NRDC’s Climate and Clean Energy…

Darby Hoover

Senior Resource Specialist, Food Waste Initiatives, Health and Food, People & Communities Program
Darby Hoover specializes in issues related to food waste reduction, composting, anaerobic digestion, plastics, zero waste, recycling, paper industry reform, and sustainable packaging. Her primary focus at NRDC is helping to create strategies to improve the efficiency of the food…

Allison Johnson

Senior Attorney, Health & Food, People & Communities Program
Allison Johnson focuses on sustainable food systems with a broad lens, recognizing that we need a massive shift toward diversified and health-promoting agriculture—and away from harmful pesticides, soil degradation, and antibiotic use. She advocates for policy change at federal, state…

Matthew Kaplan

Senior Attorney, Nature Program
Prior to joining the Water and Agriculture team, Matthew Kaplan worked in the U.S. House of Representatives for the chair of the House Energy and Water Appropriations Committee, as an attorney advisor at the Department of Justice, and for the…

Avinash Kar

Senior Attorney and Senior Director, Health and Food, People & Communities Program
Prior to his current role, Avi Kar served as director of state health policy, working with NRDC teams and external coalitions to pass key legislation and advance policies to reduce exposures to toxics, with a focus on California, New York…

Madeline Keating

City Strategist, People & Communities Program
Madeline Keating is a core member of the Food Waste team, where her work is focused on implementation of city-level solutions and strategies for food waste prevention, surplus food rescue, and food scrap recycling. Keating approaches food waste work with…

Molly Masterton

Director, U.S. Fisheries and Staff Attorney, Oceans Division, Nature Program
Molly Masterton works to promote sustainable fisheries management and the application of ecosystem-based management tools to ocean resources in the United States and abroad. Prior to joining NRDC, she clerked for the Maine supreme judicial court, served as a graduate…

Claire O'Connor

Director, Water & Agriculture, Water Division, Nature Program
Claire O’Connor focuses on the crucial relationship between water and agriculture, emphasizing solutions to water-resource challenges that will benefit both farmers and their non-farming neighbors. Her own family has operated a farm in rural Nebraska for five generations, which informs…

Bianca Oden

Senior Congressional Strategist, Government Affairs