What We're Doing

Policy Solution

Wind turbines and solar panels are cropping up in fields and atop buildings nationwide. But we're just getting started.

Policy Solution

We ensure wind and solar projects won't harm ecosystems by identifying potential conflicts from the beginning.

Policy Solution

We are pushing for smart policy changes so that we can create a cleaner, more efficient national electrical grid.

Policy Solution

We work with Chilean partners and international experts to help promote clean energy development and energy-efficiency policies.

Policy Solution

We are developing innovative finance tools to expand clean energy markets that improve cities, safeguard the environment, and boost jobs.

Related Priorities

What You Can Do

Speak Out

Let President-elect Donald Trump know that you do not support his extreme anti-environment agenda.

How to go solar at home

Stop Peabody Energy and other big polluters from dismantling America's groundbreaking plan to tackle climate change

Demand Climate Action

Join Robert Redford in urging President Obama to ban all oil and gas drilling on public lands

Tell President Obama and the EPA to limit dangerous methane emissions from all—new and old—oil and gas facilities

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