Expanding clean energy protects our health, air, climate, and last wild places.

NRDC accelerated the shift from fossil fuels to clean energy when we pressed the U.S. government to adopt the first-ever national limits on carbon pollution from power plants. We promote policies that make our cars, buildings, appliances, and everyday gadgets more efficient. We help communities fight dangerous fossil-fuel extraction operations in their backyards. And we collaborate with other countries to promote a global vision for—and an accelerated transition to—a clean energy future.

Our Priorities

Clean Vehicles and Fuels

Transportation is responsible for at least 30 percent of climate change pollution.

Dirty Energy

Coal-fired power plants pump out 40 percent of all carbon pollution in the United States.

Clean Energy

Transitioning to cleaner energy sources could save the U.S. $120 billion in health care costs a year.

Energy Efficiency

As the demand for energy in America grows, it creates more pollution and drives climate change.

What's at Stake

What you can do

Demand Climate Action

Heat waves. Wildfires. Drought. Melting Arctic ice. Bleached coral reefs. Disease. Stop the drumbeat of bad climate news by demanding action against—and solutions for—climate change.

Tell Secretary of State John Kerry to stop the Alberta Clipper tar sands pipeline scheme

Keep Your Devices from Wasting Energy and Money

Your Guide to Going Electric

Protecting your community from crude oil “bomb trains“

Help clean up carbon pollution from cars and trucks

Should you go solar?