United: Union Jobs Improve the Clean Energy Economy

Credit: Mark Harrington/Newsday via Getty Images

The climate crisis demands massive, immediate action and a transition away from fossil fuels. However, the move to an inclusive economy based on clean energy raises critical questions about our workforce. Unions especially are wondering how American workers can prosper as we take steps to combat climate change. High quality union jobs are already declining; can this trend be reversed as we further transition to a clean economy?

The truth is, the clean economy is already here and is increasingly being shaped by unions and their members. Across the country, growing numbers of union members are on the front lines of the clean energy and energy efficiency sectors, helping to reduce pollution and health hazards for millions of Americans. This report highlights several stories that illustrate the ways in which prioritizing high-quality union jobs in the clean economy has produced better outcomes for workers and for the environment. In particular, these stories demonstrate that unions and their members are fundamental to a successful transition to clean energy.

To ensure our economic recovery after COVID-19 produces more stories like these, Congress can help by passing a set of policies that encourage, incentivize, or require high-quality jobs and clean energy growth.

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