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It’s this simple: If senators take seriously their job of protecting the public, they must vote no on Pruitt.

Ken Kimmell, president of the Union of Concerned Scientists, comments on Donald Trump's nomination of Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt to run the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

China plans to ban ivory trade by the end of 2017 -

The Chinese government previously committed to phasing out the domestic ivory market, but had yet to announce a timeline for doing so. Some estimates suggest that 70 percent of the world's ivory winds up in China, and environmental groups including NRDC are praising the move as a "game changer" for elephant conservation. BBC

Just over 7,000 wild cheetahs remain -

New research led by the Zoological Society of London estimates that the big cats occupy just 9 percent of their historic range. The cheetah's plummeting numbers are a result of loss of prey to overhunting, habitat loss, and illegal trafficking. Wildlife experts recommend declaring the cats "endangered" so they can receive better protections. Reuters

Ohio Governor John Kasich upholds clean energy standards -

Governor Kasich vetoed a Republican attempt to halt pollution-cutting legislation that requires the state's electric utilities to get at least 3.5 percent of their electricity from renewable energy in 2017, increasing to 12.5 percent by 2027. Clean air for the win! Cincinnati Enquirer

To those who may be discouraged by naysayers, let me remind you, the environmental awakening is all over the world and the progress we have made so far … has always been because of people, not governments.

Leonardo DiCaprio, addressing a United Nations awards ceremony, shares his encouraging outlook on climate action

You will be in the Middle Ages if you deny science.

Erik Solheim, executive director of the U.N. Environment Program, expresses concern over Trump's climate change-denying cabinet picks