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Culture & Politics

Scott Pruitt, You’ve Been Warned

If Trump’s pick for EPA chief thinks that Americans are cool with a weak, polluter-friendly agency, he should Google the name “Anne Gorsuch Burford.”

Species Watch

“Rivers in the Sky” Rain Death Upon Wild Oysters

A new study suggests atmospheric currents like the Pineapple Express can cause serious devastation of wildlife.

From Our Partners

2016 Became the Hottest Year on Record—One Day at a Time

Record-daily highs outpaced record-daily lows by nearly 6-to-1.

Art for Earth's Sake

Like Much of the Arctic in 2016, These Ice Murals Melted Away

An Inuit woman’s portrait on vanishing sea ice is a powerful metaphor for climate change’s cultural toll.

Species Watch

The World’s Tallest Creature Is Heading for a Fall

Plunging giraffe numbers have led the IUCN to declare it vulnerable to extinction.

Culture & Politics

Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau Just Had a Lovely Chat

And you’ll never guess which oil pipeline project came up during their conversation.