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Species Watch

How Do You Save the Desert Tortoise? Lasers, Robots, and Bureaucracy.

Conserving this ancient and slowly reproducing reptile requires playing the long game.

From Our Partners

Forecast: Hot and Muggy, with a Chance of Lyme Disease

In the Northeast United States, climate change is providing conditions that allow disease-carrying ticks to thrive.

Culture & Politics

Rick Perry’s Blunder About Supply and Demand Reveals the Truth About Coal’s Future

The energy secretary’s take on a basic law of economics was either confused or deceitful.

Trump v. Earth

Week 25: EPA Chief Wants to Host His Own Un-Reality Show on Climate

The military's battle against climate change is victorious in the House, and Pebble Mine is back (and just as terrible).

Art for Earth's Sake

With a Few Creative Touches, Pollution Masks Become Symbols of Hope

Maskbook invites people around the world to express their environmental anxieties.

Species Watch

Oil Spills Are Even Worse for Birds than We Thought

A new study finds that even small smudges of oil can have huge impacts on flight and a bird’s energy budget.