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The planet is our beat.

Trump v. Earth

Week 4: Bribes, Lies, and Hypocrisy

President Trump and the Republican-led Congress steal from endangered species and give to oil companies.

Art for Earth's Sake

Painted Bodies Tell the Naked Truth About Climate Change

People, Planet, Paint is an artistic response to Trumpian attacks on the environment.

Species Watch

El Jefe the Jaguar Is Also Not a “Bad Hombre”

Another reason to oppose President Trump’s proposed border wall with Mexico: It would be devastating for wildlife.

From Our Partners

The Earth's Poles Are Having a Meltdown

In both the Arctic and Antarctica, sea ice is disappearing at record levels.

Species Watch

Could Grizzlies Make Good Neighbors?

In Washington State, biologists and conservationists are working to open the wilderness (and people’s minds) to the Great Bear.

Trump v. Earth

Week 3: The Environment Strikes Back, with Lawsuits

Resistance grows as President Trump and the GOP continue to cozy up with the fossil fuel industry.