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Why Everybody Is So Excited About 23 Salmon

After millennia of migrating to and from the sea, Chinook salmon disappeared from California’s San Joaquin River 65 years ago. Now they’re trickling back.

Let’s Talk About Pizza, Broccoli Leaves, and Bottom Lines

Venture capitalists just made a $16.5 million bet on a start-up that wants to sell people ugly, misshapen vegetables. What’s going on?

Week 125: Trump to Climate Scientists: Don’t Write Anything Down!

Plus, the president warns states against protecting their own waterways, and the man Scott Pruitt would call for scientific advice is not a scientist.

In the Fight Against Climate Change, Humans and Wildlife Are Allies

Scientists say we must fight the biodiversity crisis and climate change at the same time.

The Natural Gas Industry Has a Methane Problem

Oil and gas operations leak this potent greenhouse gas far more than previously thought, and (par for the course) the Trump administration is making the situation worse.

Gaze Into This Reflecting Pool and See Your Plastic Self

Dutch artist Thijs Biersteker’s kinetic installation puts the “I” in plastic pollution.