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The planet is our beat.

Why Nobody Likes Trump’s Infrastructure Plan

For starters: It would endanger the environment, imperil water systems and other public assets . . . and then make states pay extra for it all

Week 56: Pruitt’s Travel Is a First-Class Waste of Money

The Trump administration has the money to fly Scott Pruitt first class, but not enough for renewable energy or climate change research?

Brooklyn Printmaker Hilary Lorenz Celebrates an Overlooked Pollinator: the Moth

The Moth Migration Project gathers ink-and-paper insects from all over the world in an immersive crowd-sourced installation.

Week 55: EPA Climate Confusion―What Doesn’t Kill Us Makes Us Stronger

Pruitt speculates that climate change is healthy, Trump is looking for a few good scientists, and the dog ate the State Department’s carbon emissions report

There Are a Bunch of New Primates on the Block, and They’re Already in Trouble

More than half of the world’s primate species are staring down extinction.

Week 54: Dear President Trump, Coal Is Neither Clean Nor Beautiful

Trump sees beauty in environmental destruction and lies about sea ice, while Scott Pruitt is outed for personally scrubbing climate change from the EPA website.