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Sea Turtles Need High-Tech Medical Treatments—STAT!

Scientists are using wound-healing lasers and medical-grade honeycomb to give sea turtle populations a fighting chance.

Who Is Andrew Wheeler? (And Why You Should Be Afraid of Him)

If Scott Pruitt gets booted from his EPA post, his new deputy, a former coal-industry lobbyist, could take his place.

Week 64: Scott Pruitt, (Almost) Everybody Is On to You

Trumps stands behind his man as the EPA chief lies about raises, breaks ethics rules, and steals taxpayers’ money.

Astrophysicists Take a Break From Finding Galaxies to Look for Rare Rabbits

The same technology used to detect heat in the cosmos may help endangered populations lift off.

A Montana Artist Makes Objects of Beauty Inspired by Natural Disasters

From his studio in Bozeman, Richard Parrish maps the impact of climate change in the American West using molten glass.

Week 63: Scott Pruitt Even Sleeps Unethically

While Pruitt’s ethical lapses threaten to destroy the EPA, he rolls back clean car standards and panders to oil refiners.