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As Statehouses Shift, So Do the Prospects for Clean Energy

A number of governors who campaigned on renewables and other environmental causes won their races—and the chance to get their states moving on serious climate action.

After 140 Million Years, the Chinese Sturgeon May Soon Be Extinct

As dams have popped up in the Yangtze River, one of the world’s biggest freshwater fish is running out of room—and time.

Week 95: As California Burns, Trump Continues to Make a Bad Situation Worse

Trump’s wildfire lies, Zinke’s acronym defense, and the EPA’s forced altruism involving truck pollution.

Who Is David Bernhardt? (And Why Every Environmentalist Should Care.)

The man who’s likely to replace Ryan Zinke as Interior secretary is a seasoned Washington insider—and (surprise!) a former lobbyist for Big Oil and Big Ag.

Cape Cod’s Gray Seal and White Shark Problem Is Anything but Black-and-White

After a rare shark bite takes a life, some in this beach region want to go after the seals.

The Climate Change Light Show That’s Making Waves in Cities Around the World

Get submerged in Waterlicht, an LED visualization of future sea levels.