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The planet is our beat.

In Hundreds of Vintage Postcards, Americana Meets the Apocalypse

David Opdyke’s intricate panorama shows the country’s landscape ravaged by extractive industries and the politics of climate denial.

You Can’t Stop the Wind. But These Folks Are Trying Anyway.

In Texas, tax breaks for fossil fuels outpace tax breaks for renewables by a rate of two to one. Guess which sector is whining about unfairness?

Week 117: The EPA Finds a Clean Water Act Loophole . . . and Widens It

Otherwise, it was just an ordinary week of secret meetings and betrayals of the public interest.

Dragonflies Make Epic Migrations, But Climate Change Could Foil Their Itineraries

The insects fly up to 1,500 miles over the course of three generations, and all of this activity seems to be governed by temperature.

Trump Is Trying to Stand in the Way of Electric Cars. They’re Breezing Right Past Him.

While the president mocks low-emission vehicles, the rest of the country is busy paving the way for their big day.

Week 116: Trump to Let Pork Producers Police Themselves. What Could Go Wrong?

Plus, the president defies Congress on conservation and wants to force pipelines on states that don’t want them.