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The planet is our beat.

Trump v. Earth

Week 18: The Pope Gives Trump Some Science Homework

And the Senate prepares to give Trump’s budget proposal its last rites.

Species Watch

Counting Albatrosses from Space

Satellites can help scientists keep track of these endangered birds at the bottom of the world.

Culture & Politics

Zinke’s Western “Listening Tour” Light on the Listening, Heavy on the Fossil Fuels

As the interior secretary ponders the fates of 27 national monuments, he seems to be hearing some voices more acutely than others.

Trump v. Earth

Week 17: A Would-Be-Banned Pesticide Is Blamed for Sickening Farmers—Thanks, Trump!

And the president nominates two more saboteurs to top positions at the Interior and Transportation Departments.

Species Watch

Shhh! Baby Whales Are Trying to Whisper Around Here!

Humpback whale calves make soft noises to keep in contact with their mothers, but noise pollution may be drowning out their conversations.

Trump v. Earth

Week 16: The Senate Negs Trump’s Love for Methane Leaks

Now the bad news: The administration continues to stifle innovation and science.