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The United States Embarrassed Itself at the Climate Summit in Poland

COP24 attendees mocked the Trump administration for its “clean coal” fantasies—while a shadow delegation of climate-conscious Americans quietly worked the room, mending fences.

Week 99: Trump Waters Down Wetlands Protections

Plus, hawking coal at a climate summit and selling out polar bears to Big Oil.

Learning to Love the Lamprey

In their native habitat in the Pacific Northwest, these imperiled fish are important ecosystem engineers and food web heroes—despite their bloodsucking lifestyle.

Week 98: Trump Tries Again (and Fails Again) to Save the Coal Industry

Plus, the president looks to autocrats for anti-climate allies, and the Atlantic coastline is about to get really noisy.

Holiday Shoppers, the Planet Needs You to Take It Easy With Next-Day Shipping

Though some online retailers are taking steps to maximize fuel efficiency in their delivery fleets, consumers need to do their part, too.

As Miami Battles Sea-Level Rise, This Artist Makes Waves with His “Underwater Homeowners Association”

Xavier Cortada’s elevation markers are a colorful yet painful reminder of what Floridians stand to lose from climate change.