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The planet is our beat.

Trump v. Earth

Week 30: Build in a Flood Zone without Taking Precautions? Go Ahead, Says Trump.

Plus, EPA chief Pruitt moves in favor of more water pollution and the renewable energy report Rick Perry doesn’t want you to see.

Art for Earth's Sake

Witness the Larsen C Ice Shelf’s Breakup—in Downtown Chicago?

A public art installation by Luftwerk puts Antarctica’s climate change woes at the center of urban life.

Species Watch

When a Rare Jaguar Attack Becomes a Conservation Opportunity

Peaceful coexistence will be the key to a wildlife corridor for jaguars spanning 10 countries across the Americas.

Trump v. Earth

Week 29: Can Trump Resist the Temptation to Censor the National Climate Assessment?

EPA’s Pruitt does denial all wrong, and U.S. diplomats are told to peddle coal to countries outraged over Trump’s Paris withdrawal.

Culture & Politics

Can Los Angeles Break the Olympics’ Environmental Curse?

Olympic host cities often come to regret their moment in the sun. But 10 years should be just enough time for L.A. to get things right.

Trump v. Earth

Week 28: Trump’s Wall Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Break Laws (Environmental or Otherwise)

The president won’t subject his offensive border project to environmental review, but his administration will subject the EPA museum to censorship.