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Culture & Politics

Climate Marchers Are Sending a Message to the Rest of the World

Trump should listen, too.

Trump v. Earth

Week 14: 100 Days Later, Trump Not Yet Bored of Attacking the Environment

The president ponders whether to undo protections for America’s national monuments.

Species Watch

The Attwater’s Prairie Chicken Dances in the Face of Destruction

It’s breeding time for one of the country’s most endangered birds.

From Our Partners

Why An Attack on National Monuments Is an Attack on the Climate

The latest executive order takes aim at iconic public places that store carbon, protect ecosystems, and keep fossil fuels in the ground.

Art for Earth's Sake

An Artist Envisions Our National Parks in 2050

Hannah Rothstein’s grim tourism posters are a call to action, in a time when the president is pillaging our public lands.

Species Watch

Africa’s Largest Eagle Needs Its Space—and Lots of It

But good territory is getting harder to find.