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The planet is our beat.

Eye Opener

A Sixth Olympic Ring Sits Atop a Brazilian Waterfall as a Symbol of Natural Unity

Artist Mariko Mori plans large-scale installations that celebrate local ecology.

Midwest Update

Companies Mining Sand for Oil and Gas Threaten Midwest Fields, and Farmers Are Fighting Back

A group of Illinois landowners have waged a legal battle against a fracking company to protect their agricultural community.

Culture & Politics

Britain's New PM Just Sacked Its Climate Agency—What Now?

On her very first day in office, Prime Minister Theresa May abolished the U.K.’s climate change department. Will the Brits keep the climate promises they made in Paris?

From Our Partners

2016 Is Putting Previous Heat Records to Shame

January to June was the warmest half-year on the books (and it wasn't even close).

Species Watch

Alexander Camelton Gets Lots of Zoo Love, but It Could Be Curtains for His Wild Kin

Only about 1,000 wild Bactrian camels remain in the deserts of China and Mongolia.

Eye Opener

Become One with Our National Parks with These Modern-Day Daguerreotypes

Photographer Binh Danh uses an old technique to create a contemporary perspective on the American landscape.