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Is High-Speed Rail on the Rocks?

California’s proposed bullet train is in trouble, while a Texas project is meeting resistance. What’s going on?

Some Carmakers Put Their Faith in the Trump Administration. It’s Costing Them.

They thought the president might ease up a little on federal fuel-efficiency standards. They didn’t expect him to be so reckless.

Week 112: Trump’s FY2020 Budget Is DOA (Dangerous on Arrival)

Trump hates science, and the Department of the Interior hates transparency.

The Youth Climate Strike Is Exactly What the Planet Needs Right Now

On March 15, students around the world will walk out of their schools and speak as one, demanding climate action—and our attention.

Week 111: Trump Censors Scientists (Twice!)

Trump officials tell NASA they’re not needed, political appointees interfere with chemical safety research, and former military brass tell Trump to stop denying climate change.

These Insta-Famous Otters Are Disappearing Quickly

Two struggling species don’t need “likes”; they need protection from the pet trade, poaching, and habitat loss. And they might just get it.