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The planet is our beat.

National Identity and Wildlife Vividly Collide in This Street Art

For South African artist Sonny, biodiversity loss cuts “To the Bone.”

Dear World: On Climate, Donald Trump Doesn’t Speak for the United States of America

The American people believe in climate change—and are committed to doing something about it.

Week 73: Six Out of Seven Global Leaders Fight Climate Change—the Other Promotes Coal

Trump won’t sign the G7 climate commitment, Pruitt doesn’t have time for smog limits, and Zinke cancels science.

Is the Tide Turning on Our Plastic Addiction?

For the oceans’ sake, we’d better hope so.

Week 72: Trump’s “Soviet-Style” Plan to Save Coal

Plus, it turns out Trump’s cabinet was ordered to praise him, and Pruitt’s ethical adventures continue, now with chicken chains and used mattresses.

A Mysterious Die-off of Dozens of Dancing Lemurs

Scientists are still trying to understand what paralyzed and eventually killed more than 30 critically endangered Verreaux’s sifakas in Madagascar this spring.