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The planet is our beat.

Killing Coyotes with Cyanide? There Must Be a Better Way.

Nonlethal methods to protect livestock from predators are gaining momentum as pressure mounts to ban poison-spray traps.

Week 35: Trump Throws His Weight Behind the Valley Lateral Pipeline

FERC gets federalism wrong, Zinke gets monuments wrong, and Pruitt gets babysat.

Mass Transit: The Crucial Ingredient in the Recipe for a Boomtown

How a single light-rail stop transformed a sleepy L.A. suburb into a vibrant, buzzing business hub.

These Species Have Hung On for Millions of Years. Will the Trump Administration Push Them to Extinction?

The president’s terrible policies could leave an indelible mark on the country’s biological heritage.

Week 34: House Votes to Slash EPA Budget by Half a Billion—and Now for the Bad News…

Congressional Republicans are still doing their damnedest to ignore climate science.

If Now’s Not the Time to Talk About Climate Change, When Is?

A nation serious about mitigating natural disasters like the ones we’ve just seen can’t afford to let this moment slip away.