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Culture & Politics

Oil Shouldn’t Have to Spill to Get Us to Fight for the Environment

In Donald Trump’s war on the environment, Americans’ complacency is his greatest ally.

Trump v. Earth

Week 9: KXL Gets Approved, and the Climate Debate in the White House Gets Heated

As Trump mulls over whether to combat climate change (or continue to deny that it’s happening), his team fights with itself.

Trump v. Earth

Week 8: Trump Jeopardizes the Auto Industry—and Federal Government Jobs

As dirtier cars hit the streets, the president’s fuel efficiency rollbacks and budget proposal will have thousands pounding the pavement.

Species Watch

Gabon’s Jungle Was Once a Refuge for Elephants—Now It’s a Killing Field

If the new estimates are correct, Gabon has lost around 80 percent of its forest elephants in just a decade.

Art for Earth’s Sake

Words of Flint’s Anguish Flow Like Water Through These Pipes

High-school students share their experiences of the city’s water crisis in this powerful art installation.

Trump v. Earth

Week 7: If We Stop Collecting Data, Will Climate Change Just Go Away?

In his seventh week in office, President Trump decides we should stop measuring things.