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The planet is our beat.

Art for Earth’s Sake

In a New Doc, Leonardo DiCaprio Gives Us a Tour of Our Warming World

Before the Flood is set on the battlegrounds of climate change—from the North Pole to the South Pacific to the voting booth.

Art for Earth’s Sake

This Rhino Is a Photo Award Winner—But a Loser of So Much More

Images from the California Academy of Sciences’ annual photography contest give us a big-picture look at the natural world.

Species Watch

The Serendipitous Villainy That Gave America Its First Wildlife Law

The Lacey Act has been kicking butt and taking names for more than 100 years.

Art for Earth’s Sake

What’s the Buzz on the Street? 50,000 Hand-Painted Honeybees.

Artist Matthew Willey is leaving his mark all around the world—making sure everyone knows about this pollinator’s plight.

Culture & Politics

Jane Jacobs, Savior of Cities

A new biography, documentary, and opera all celebrate the passion and ideas of urban life’s staunchest defender.

Species Watch

Heads Up, Endangered Species: Scientists Are Spying on You

Thanks to new tech, scientists can learn a heck of a lot about species without ever seeing or handling them.