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The planet is our beat.

Week 34: House Votes to Slash EPA Budget by Half a Billion—and Now for the Bad News…

Congressional Republicans are still doing their damnedest to ignore climate science.

If Now’s Not the Time to Talk About Climate Change, When Is?

A nation serious about mitigating natural disasters like the ones we’ve just seen can’t afford to let this moment slip away.

Pigeons Experimenting with Cosplay—and Other Signs the End Is Near

Artist Laurel Roth Hope stitches costumes to disguise ubiquitous birds as extinct species.

Irma? Harvey?—We Need to Talk About Infrastructure. Now.

But if we don’t discuss flood protection, too, it’s meaningless.

Did Hurricane Harvey Signal the Last Dance for Attwater’s Prairie Chickens?

When you’re teetering on the brink of extinction, it takes only one flood to wash your species off the map.

Week 33: The EPA Has No Time for Texas

Trump stalls on Texas smog pollution and continues to stock his administration with the unqualified.