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The planet is our beat.

Week 82: Indestructible (Yet Combustible) Coal?

Trump is confused about coal, NHTSA is confused about math, and Zinke is confused about climate change.

Blotting Out the Sun to Save the Earth? Seriously?

The prospect of geoengineering freaks us out. And it should—it signifies the lateness of our climate hour.

Virginians Fly Flags of Resistance in the Fight Against Two Pipelines

Armed with blue pennants—representing the hundreds of waterways put at risk by the Mountain Valley and Atlantic Coast Pipelines—communities are taking up their battle stations.

Can Australia Be Re-wilded? Let’s Ask the Quolls

These cute little marsupials are taking their country back—well, hopefully.

By Grieving Her Dead Calf, Tahlequah the Orca Proves She’s Just Like You and Me . . . Sort Of

We can’t help but see ourselves when we reflect on the familiar behaviors of animals. But endangered species need more than our empathy.

Week 81: Under Trump, National Wildlife Refuges Are No Place for Bees

Plus, Trump’s wildfire hot air and the job-killing effects of fuel efficiency rollbacks.