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The Political Divide on Coal vs. Renewables Is Fake News

New polls show that all Americans—Democrats, Republicans, and independents alike—want to close the book on our dirtiest fossil fuel.

Week 109: Trump’s Flood Insurance Flub Could Cost Us Billions

Plus, the administration plans a debate on climate change as coal executives continue to party in Trump’s hotel.

The Crazy Snake Worm Invasion You Haven’t Heard About

Earthworms may seem harmless, but they have the power to transform some of America’s forests—and not in a good way.

Is the Future of Grocery Shopping B.Y.O. Container?

A new wave of entrepreneurs aims to wean consumers from single-use plastic.

Week 108: Who Put the Appalachian Trail in the Way of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline?

The Trump administration undermines an historic trail, tries desperately to save just one coal-fired power plant, and sells out the endangered delta smelt.

Climate Change Takes Fashion Week by Storm (and by Drought and by Fire . . .)

Model, actor, and designer Luka Sabbat can make just about anything look good—even an air mask. Behold the future of fashion.