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Drilling for Tax Cuts: The Devastating Alaska Provision

Most Americans, including many congressional Republicans, are strongly opposed to oil and gas drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. So why is it attached to the tax bill?

Week 46: Trump Shrinks Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante—and Gains Lawsuits

Trump primes for drilling under a national treasure, Murkowski makes inroads in the Tongass, and there’s no stopping the oil trains.

Why We Need to Improve the Sex Lives of Mussels

The United States has the greatest freshwater mussel diversity on the planet, but some populations haven’t reproduced in 100 years. This is bad news for humans, too.

Beauty and Despair Collide in These Murals of the Great Lakes

Alexis Rockman’s new series creates a vision of the lakes’ past, present, and future that sparks imagination while addressing stark realities.

Conflicts of Interest Swamp the Department of Interior

While his fellow Cabinet members struggle to fill key positions, Ryan Zinke is staffing the Interior with former lobbyists for oil and gas companies.

Week 45: A Mountain of Resistance

EPA gets an earful in West Virginia, a Trump appointee has a lying problem, and Trump undoes lots of rules.