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The planet is our beat.

The Cli-Fi Genre Gives Us a Peek at Planet Earth in 2040

In the latest issue of the literary quarterly McSweeney’s, 10 short-story writers imagine what the world might look like in 20 years without effective climate action.

Week 150: Trump Is Pro-Fence When It Comes to Immigration, Anti-Fence When It Comes to Protecting Kids’ Health

Plus, the solar industry pleads for mercy, and the president says he thinks about climate change “all the time.” Hmm.

Think You Know What Water Looks Like? Take a Look at This.

Photographer Roger Fishman goes airborne to capture a unique perspective on rapidly changing Arctic landscapes.

Corporate Leaders to Trump: Withdrawing From the Paris Agreement Makes Bad Business Sense

Thousands of companies are stepping up where the president has stepped down—to save the planet along with their profits.

Week 148: Trump Hates California. James Inhofe Hates California. So They Both Love Andrew Wheeler.

Plus, get ready for the rise of hermaphroditic frogs, and the EPA’s Science Advisory Board can’t meet until after the agency corrupts science.

Parks Are Good—but They Can (and Should) Be Better

At their best, urban green spaces have the power to restore our weary souls—and maybe even to curb sprawl. Why do we so often treat them like civic afterthoughts?