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The planet is our beat.

Is Climate Fiction a Subset of Science Fiction—or Something Else Entirely?

A new novel imagines what life in Bangkok would be like if nearly half the city were underwater—which some experts say is a real possibility.

Week 121: David Bernhardt’s (Document) Dump on Congress

Plus, Big Oil (literally!) writes its own offshore drilling rules, Trump fast-tracks his border wall through more wilderness areas, and the Interior Department gets petty with its press releases.

When Your Planet Calls 911

The systems that allow life on earth to exist are breaking down. We’re responsible. But we also have the power to turn things around.

Week 120: Trump Can’t Even Run a Garbage Dump Properly

Plus, the president sacrifices an endangered species to oil drillers, and Mike Pompeo makes bizzare climate change comments.

Trump Hatches a New Plan to Attack Science

In the administration’s ongoing war on environmental laws, the tactics can be subtle but the strategy is straightforward: Give corporate polluters every chance to fight the rules they don’t like.

Week 119: Trump’s Swamp Monsters Are Coming for Alaska’s Bristol Bay

Plus, Sonny Perdue doesn’t understand cancer science, and offshore drillers are writing their own rules.