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The planet is our beat.

One of Our Most Important Environmental Laws Just Turned 50—Cue Trump Attacking It

At polluters’ written request, the president is now trying to gut NEPA, the Magna Carta of environmental law.

Australia Is Burning. Jakarta Is Drowning. Welcome to 2020.

The planet is sending us an unmistakable signal that we need to wake up and take real action to combat the climate crisis. And this is the decade we need to do it.

The Environment in 2019: Glass-Half-Full Version

It’s easy to get hung up on all the bad stuff that happened. But there was actually some good stuff, too!

Week 152: Houston, You Might Have a Problem With Your Air. But We Can’t Be Sure.

The Trump administration failed to monitor air pollution in the toxic aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Also: Trump is taking a chainsaw to our protections, and the EPA can’t count to 20.

One City’s Trash Is This Museum’s Treasure

A collection of 45,000 items gleaned from New Yorkers’ garbage sends a powerful message about our consumption habits.

Why the EPA Needs Another William Ruckelshaus (1932–2019)

The agency’s first administrator built the EPA from scratch—and established the nonpartisan, antipolluter culture that the Trump administration has all but abandoned.