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The planet is our beat.

We Can’t Go “Back to Normal.” We Have to Get to Someplace Better.

As the world slows down in response to COVID-19, we’re being given the chance to recalibrate our systems toward justice, equity, and planetary health.

Who Is Nancy Beck, and Why Shouldn’t She Be in Charge of Consumer Safety?

The former chemical industry lobbyist’s toxic trajectory through the Trump administration.

Goodbye, Ski Resort. Hello, Grizzly Bear Corridor!

After three decades of legal battles, the Ktunaxa Nation tapped into Canada’s newest conservation tool to protect Indigenous lands.

When a Virus Exposes Environmental Injustice

Reducing air pollution isn’t just something to strive for. COVID-19 is illustrating why it’s a moral imperative.

Nothing Is Going to Stop These Young Climate Activists from Fighting for Their Future

In just a few weeks, they’ve organized Earth Day Live, a three-day, nationwide mobilization to strike, divest, and vote—all while socially distancing.

This Muralist Is on His Way to Painting 50,000 Bees Around the World

Representing the number of honeybees that live in a healthy hive, Matthew Willey’s creations remind us of the pollinators’ plight and how our worlds intersect.