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Pollution from Western Wildfires Is Making People Sick

And climate change is projected to bring more blazes—and harmful multiday "smoke waves"—in years to come.

Art for Earth’s Sake

These Images Remind Us How Buildings Aren’t Designed with Birds in Mind

Through her tragically beautiful photo series, a Minneapolis artist reminds us why hundreds of thousands of birds won’t be making it to their winter destinations this migratory season.

Species Watch

The Food That Once Saved Condors May Now Be Poisoning Them

A new study finds that condors that dine on the bodies of marine mammals consume worrying levels of toxic chemicals such as DDT.

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July Was the Hottest Month Ever Recorded

2016 really needs to chill.

Species Watch

Thousands of Birds Migrate to the Arctic—Unfortunately, So Does Mercury

How pollution from thousands of miles away finds its way into animals at the top of the world.

Art for Earth's Sake

Sometimes Art Has to Get Gritty—Especially When Big Oil Provides the Muse

A new exhibit displays the many forms of petcoke and the Chicagoans determined to rid it from their communities.