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Species Watch

The Most Unexplored Habitat on Earth Is Packed with Pollution

A new study of deep-sea amphipods living six miles beneath the sea’s surface finds surprising levels of toxic chemicals.

Trump v. Earth

Week 5: A Climate Denier Is Now in Charge of the EPA

Meet Scott Pruitt, the EPA’s cheerless new leader.

Culture & Politics

When It Comes to Urban Development, More Folks Are Saying: “Yes, in My Backyard”

From NIMBY to YIMBY: What a difference a generation (and an urban housing shortage) makes.

Species Watch

Why African Penguins Shouldn’t Listen to Their Instincts

Thanks to overfishing and climate change, the birds are caught in an ecological trap that could lead to starvation.

Trump v. Earth

Week 4: Bribes, Lies, and Hypocrisy

President Trump and the Republican-led Congress steal from endangered species and give to oil companies.

Art for Earth's Sake

Painted Bodies Tell the Naked Truth About Climate Change

People, Planet, Paint is an artistic response to Trumpian attacks on the environment.