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Week 86: No, Trump’s Methane Proposal Is Not “Neat”

Plus, your one-and-only chance to save the Clean Power Plan, and Steve Bannon’s role in the Paris climate withdrawal.

Hey, Army Corps of Engineers—Show Us Your Work in Your DAPL Report

Despite a court order to reassess the Dakota Access Pipeline’s environmental impact, the agency won’t share the results of its new study.

Bangladesh: A Country Underwater, a Culture on the Move

In this low-lying, coastal nation inundated by flood after flood, a rural exodus to the cities is reshaping life everywhere.

Confessions of a Bad Reptile Owner

I released Misty the Chinese water dragon into the Pennsylvania wild—but don’t be like me. There are other options.

Ethereal Fog Sculptures Are Rolling Through Boston’s Parks

Fujiko Nakaya’s vaporous creations respond to wind, humidity, temperature, and dew point, making visible the invisible forces all around us.

California Makes a Clean Break—from Carbon Pollution

What does it mean for a state that’s bigger and wealthier than many countries to commit itself to clean energy? It could end up meaning the world.