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Species Watch

Can Noise Pollution Affect the Way Mongooses Sniff Out Their Enemies?

New research shows that sound can mess with other senses like sight and smell.

Species Watch

Why America’s Wild Turkeys Are Thankful for Cannons (Yes, Cannons)

This is one of our country’s greatest conservation success stories.

Art for Earth's Sake

A Statue at Standing Rock Sends a Powerful Message of Resistance

Like the DAPL protesters, this artwork is Not Afraid to Look Big Oil in the eye.

Art for Earth's Sake

What It Looks Like When Street Art Hits the Amazon

Portraits projected onto trees show the inseparable identity of the rainforest and its people.

Culture & Politics

In This New Era of Trump, Reaching Out to Climate Deniers Is More Important than Ever

Climate science is under its fiercest attack yet. But this group is trying to counter the denial—by connecting with everyday Americans in their own communities.

Species Watch

What Happens When You Turn Up the Heat on Ants?

A huge, five-year study finds that climate change could destabilize ant communities on the East Coast.