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The Conniving at the EPA Has Gotten Kafkaesque

The agency aims to stop citizens from challenging pollution permits—while continuing to allow challenges from polluters who want to pollute more.

Week 130: Trump Takes His War on Science on the Road

The administration relocates science jobs, refuses to fill others, and tosses a lifeline to polluters (while silencing citizens).

Japan Goes Rogue and Resumes Commercial Whaling

The nation’s departure from the International Whaling Commission was followed immediately by the slaughter of two minke whales.

Watch These Young Spoken-Word Poets Take On Climate Change

The Climate Museum’s poetry slam at Harlem’s Apollo Theater was equal parts grief, anger, and hope.

Week 129: Interior Secretary David Bernhardt Chooses a Pseudo-Italianate Urban Planning Nightmare Over an Endangered Bird

Plus, the USDA stops counting bees, and Rick Perry is wrong on carbon emissions.

The United States Is the Most Wasteful Country In the World

We’re number one! We’re number one!