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The planet is our beat.

Zinke vs. Coastal Governors

The Interior secretary gave Florida a pass on offshore drilling rigs, but these states don’t want any part in this scheme either.

Week 51: Back to the Drawing Board, Rick Perry

FERC smacks down Rick Perry on coal, Zinke plays favorites with Florida, and Pruitt is investigated (again).

America Needs a Plastics Intervention. Now’s the Time.

China doesn’t want our plastic waste anymore. Instead of searching for another buyer, maybe some soul-searching is in order.

As Trump Moves to Expand Offshore Drilling, He Proposes Shrinking Safety Protections. What Could Go Wrong?

Eight years after the BP disaster in the Gulf, the administration aims to relax the rules designed to prevent catastrophic explosions and spills.

Week 50: When It Gets Cold, Trump’s Climate Change Denial Heats Up

Trump bloviates on climate, blows off the United Nations, and deregulates blowout preventers.

Week 49: As We Approach the End of Trump’s First Year, the DOI and EPA Are in Tatters

Just how badly has Trump damaged the agencies that protect our environment in the short time he’s been in the White House?