Tenant Demonstration-Developed Tools for Download

February 19, 2013

CMI High Performance Tenant Demonstration Project

To learn more about high performance tenant spaces in the commercial office market and how to develop your own performance energy measures, please see the following resources, which include case studies, templates, tools, and links to additional guides and information.

High-Performance Tenant Build-out: A Primer for Tenants

When you move into a new space or renew an existing lease, there is an opportunity to improve energy performance significantly. Energy investments in a rented space depend on a win-win arrangement between the owner and the tenant.  This primer provides a basic look at the rationales for investing in energy efficiency and the ways to make efficiency improvements from which both parties can benefit.

Value Analysis Tool BETA

This tool can be used to calculate evaluation metrics, including Adjusted Payback Period (Net of Incentives), Return on Investment, and Internal Rate of Return.

Costing Template 

Cost is a critical component in evaluating the financial implications of incorporating various energy performance measures (EPMs). This template helps to identify the incremental costs of each individual EPM in a tenant build-out project.

Energy Model Report Template 

This tenant space energy modeling template is a framework to be adjusted to the project-specific design and existing conditions.

Tenant Space Energy Modeling RFP Template 

The Tenant Space Energy Modeling Analysis Request for Proposal (RFP) template provides a framework to be adjusted to project-specific needs.