Latin America

Sea of Cortez in Baja California, Mexico
James Forte/Getty Images

Latin America boasts some of the world’s most spectacularly varied landscapes and wildlife. The region’s countries are also home to diverse cultures, traditions and political systems. Yet despite their diversity, the countries of Latin America face similar pressing challenges, including achieving economic development goals and supplying enough energy, food, and services for their citizens; all while protecting fragile wildlands, waters and forests and limiting greenhouse gas emissions.

With the impacts of climate change already felt across Latin America, these challenges have never been greater. The urgency is mounting to implement sustainable solutions both in rural communities and in the region’s rapidly expanding cities. Fortunately, the region is a hub for climate solutions across a range of sectors including energy, transportation, conservation and finance. Several Latin American countries have also emerged as a progressive force for global climate action, making the region a key piece of building a sustainable future for our planet.

In Latin America, NRDC collaborates with a wide spectrum of partners to help address the region’s environmental challenges and build on its potential as an incubator of sustainable solutions. Together, we promote robust policies and innovative approaches to help Latin American countries grow toward a low-carbon, climate-resilient future while protecting important natural resources and communities. Throughout our work we uphold the fundamental right of all communities to have a say in the decisions that affect their health and environment. With a particular focus on clean energy issues, our work includes technical and economic analyses, policy studies and recommendations, public outreach and engagement, and collaborative processes. 

Our Work

  • We promote a clean energy transition that relies on the region’s remarkable renewable energy resources and energy-efficiency potential.
  • We advocate for sustainable transportation technologies and solutions—from cleaner diesel fuels to tougher vehicle emission and efficiency standards.  
  • We help develop innovative financial solutions to spur investment in a low carbon and climate resilient future.
  • We work with key countries in the region to help them phase down HFCs.
  • We collaborate with local partners to defend iconic landscapes and species under threat.