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Mark Drajem
Adaptation, infrastructure, transportation and vehicles, renewable energy, nuclear power

Anne Hawke
Offshore drilling, fossil fuels, federal lands, forest and monuments, clean air policy

Jesús Canchola Sánchez
Midwestern regional issues

Rita Yelda
Eastern regional issues

Margie Kelly
Water, Canada

Kari Birdseye
Oceans, marine mammals, California advocacy and California climate change policy, natural climate solutions

Emily Deanne
Energy efficiency and decarbonization

Jake Thompson
Western regional issues

Ivan Moreno
Environmental justice and Chicago-based environmental issues

Janet Fang
+86 10 5927 0688
China-based climate, energy and wildlife

Ben Schaefer 
Industrial and emerging energy policy, hydrogen, energy transmission/RTOs

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NRDC Intervenes in Legal Attack on EPA Stormwater Regulations

Press Release
WASHINGTON (May 19, 2000) - The Natural Resources Defense Council today intervened in a lawsuit against new Environmental Protection Agency regulations aimed at reducing stormwater pollution. Those regulations, which the EPA issued in December 1999, have been challenged by two…

NRDC, Labor, Civil Rights Groups Sue Navy Over Vieques Operations

Press ReleaseNew York
NEW YORK (May 17, 2000) – Citing environmental hazards as well as high cancer and infant mortality rates on Vieques Island, a coalition of environmental, labor and civil rights groups -- including NRDC -- say they will sue the U.S…

Environmentalists Win Lawsuit to Protect Summer Flounder

Press Release
WASHINGTON D.C. (April 26, 2000) - Siding with four conservation groups, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit yesterday struck down the 1999 federal fishery quota for summer flounder, a commercially and recreationally valuable fish that…