Flint Safe Drinking Water Case Documents and Status Updates

The legal filing and status updates for our lawsuit against the city of Flint and Michigan state officials.

Court Documents

Settlement Agreement Status Reports

The city of Flint and state of Michigan are required to provide NRDC with periodic status reports to allow the parties to track the government’s progress in implementing the requirements of the settlement agreement in our case. These reports include information about the number of service lines excavated and replaced, as well as the results of recent tap water monitoring tests. 

Independent Monitoring Program 

As a result of the lawsuit, the court established a third-party Independent Monitoring program to conduct tap water testing for lead at an additional 100 homes in Flint. The settlement funds this testing for at least two six-month periods. This program is managed by Dr. Susan Masten, a Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Michigan State University. The documents on this page include Dr. Masten’s resume, a brochure distributed to residents describing the program, and the data from her testing.


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