The Center for Market Innovation, or CMI, is accelerating the shift to a greener, more prosperous economy that benefits everyone. We aim to implement new approaches to finance and investment that offer strong profit potential and increased opportunity for people of all income levels. Our experts collaborate with private- and public-sector leaders to accelerate the adoption of more resilient, inclusive, and efficient investment models.

Many Americans share the concern that business-as-usual is limiting human progress and taking a dangerous toll on vital ecosystems. In response, we need to replace old tools and frameworks with fresh solutions that allow people to thrive, supported by a healthy base of natural resources. CMI does this by piloting strategies and taking them to scale using demonstration projects and financing tools that help boost profits while making markets greener and more accessible.

CMI focuses on food, water, shelter, and energy, as these are the building blocks of life and hold the greatest potential for transformative environmental market opportunity. We bring a deep understanding of the underlying dynamics of each market area and the synergies among them. Our work covers everything from green banks, green bonds, better beef, and sustainable regional food systems to energy efficient apartments, distributed energy resources, and green infrastructure. By applying our technical expertise and cultivating strategic relationships, we are helping to create smarter solutions.


  • Identifying and removing barriers to viable solutions
  • Promoting new financing models and tools
  • Documenting and publishing best practices, reports, and market analyses
  • Developing, testing, and deploying new solutions
  • Partnering with key decision makers and community leaders to replicate successful models
  • Increasing transparency and fairness so that people of all incomes and backgrounds can benefit from—and participate in—investment decisions


Policy Solution

We are developing innovative finance tools to expand clean energy markets that improve cities, safeguard the environment, and boost jobs.

Issue Paper

Infrastructure projects should also deliver numerous economic, social and environmental benefits—such as jobs, improved mobility and climate resiliency.

Blog Post

Change does not come easily at the three large housing finance agencies: the Federal Housing Administration, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac.

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Most people agree that we need to reduce climate-changing emissions around the world. But how do we pay for it?

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High road infrastructure doesn't just fix what breaks. It makes cities and communities safer and stronger for generations to come.


This dispatch from the high road infrastructure working group breaks down the approach's mission, barriers, and best solutions.


The average low-income housing resident spends more than three times what others pay in energy costs. Cost-saving energy efficiency and clean energy opportunities can change that.

Policy Solution

We promote changing rooftops, building rain gardens, and planting trees—all to capture rainwater where it falls.