Science Office

An illustration depicts two people reaching to touch hands with scenes of city buildings, an ocean with sailboats, people gardening, and a house with solar panels

Alexandra Bowman for NRDC

NRDC’s Science Office aims to drive, shape, and support our ability to protect public health, preserve wild spaces, build a strong environmental movement, and advance social justice. Our goal is to bridge the gap between science and the people, wildlife, and ecosystems it serves.

The Science Office is a home base to innovate, evaluate, communicate, and connect in fulfilling the goal of science, which is to better explore and understand our world. We aim to harness science as a tool to support a greater environmental movement that centers communities most harmed by environmental and climate impacts.

Our main functions work in concert with one another:

  • Ensuring accountability through peer review and assessing and evaluating our impact
  • Providing data and scientific analysis to help shape and guide NRDC’s policies and positions
  • Enhancing NRDC’s scientific expertise and capacity through external partnerships, such as community groups, think tanks, and other academic scientists

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