The Season of the Switch

What time of year is getting warmer the fastest in your state?

March 11, 2015

Global warming, by its very name, spares no one—but that’s not to say that it’s heating things up uniformly. As this infographic shows, the rate and timing of warming can vary from region to region, even from one state to the next. It basically comes down to how temperature variations interact with an area’s given landscape and weather patterns.

Nationally, all four seasons have been getting hotter since the 1970s—but certain parts of the country are feeling it hardest in either spring, summer, fall, or winter. For most of the 50 states, winter is getting super melty (did you hear that, Senator Inhofe?). Spring is extra toasty in the Southwest, while the Pacific Northwest has had some sweaty falls. In Texas alone, summer is warming fastest (The Lone Star State is like a whole other country, after all—a very hot, dry country). 

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